Question No display on Monitor and KB/M after turning on XMP on CVN X570M Motherboard


Jan 1, 2016
Just finished building my first custom rig.

Ryzen 7 5800x
Corsair 16x2 DDR4 3200mhz
RTX 3070
Colorful CVN X570M Frozen Gaming Motherboard.

I suppose these are the specs that matter for this quetsion.

Everything works well but my ram is running at a speed of 2133mhz which is the default for DDR4. But I wanna run it at the maximum capacity of 3200.
I'm able to go to the Motherboard settings by pressing DEL on startup.

This motherboard (with the factory bios version) has 3 options in the Memory section. Auto, Easy OC and Manual.
Easy OC lets me set the speeds using a Dropdown menu that I honestly don't understand but I suppose i need to pick one of the Options with 3200 on it. Though I'm not sure exactly which one. The problem is that picking any of these options doesn't actually change the ram speed and rebooting after saving them still shows 2133.

The other option in Manual Mode lets me turn on XMP and shows me a lot of other options but turning this on and setting the speed to 3200 makes the Monitor and other peripherals not respond on the consequent startup. After I first did this, I had to reset the motherboard settings by removing the CMOS Battery and Holding down the Power button for a Minute as specified in some obscure document I read (worked).

The ram is installed in the First and 3rd Slot (closest to the CPU)

Any ideas as to why this is happening or how I could fix it?

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