Question No monitor display or keyboard lights (was working fine just a day ago) so what’s going on?

Jul 29, 2022
As title says, my monitor won’t display and the keyboard is not lighting up. My computer was working just as of yesterday but suddenly went black screen and the keyboard lights shut off. The fans, leds, and everything else were still running including the microphone lights. There is definitely power going into the motherboard and it’s running everything fine, Gpu is on, aio pump working, ram lights on. So I’m not too sure why the monitor and keyboard aren’t working.

Might be important so I will add this, I was running a game and it suddenly stopped displaying and keyboard lights turned off. I just held the power button to turn it off and left it as it was because I had to go.

I’ve tried cleaning ram and using 1 stick/ reinstall
Tried Resting cmos and cmos battery/ reinstall
Tried reinstalling Gpu and Cpu.
Fully took it apart and reinstall everything back in to check for loose cables.
Power supply is getting power to everything I’m pretty sure.
Plugged the monitor into my laptop and it worked just fine same for the keyboard.
Listened for noise to detect debug but idk if I have that built in or not.

now I’m stuck and I’m not sure if I have to buy a new motherboard, Cpu, or Gpu.

Motherboard- Prime X570- P from ASUS
Cpu- AMD ryzen 5900x
Gpu- Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070
Ram- G.skill trident z neo 32g 3600mhz (2x16)
Psu/power- Ev3a 850W gold (850GQ)