Question No OS detected after enabling Fast Boot

Dec 26, 2019

I enabled Fast Boot on my PC and it's completely stopped working. It just displays a message saying that no OS was detected, and to disconnect any hard drives that don't contain an OS. Checking the BIOS it didn't detect any hard drives at all

I have two drives, so I disconnected the one without the OS on it and started it up again. This time it did detect the hard drive showed the Windows logo, then a BSOD saying it couldn't access boot device. It restarts itself again after this and shows the rudimentary bue screen with options to auto repair, roll back to previous updates, open the CMD window and such.

I have had this happen before but it was over a year ago and I can't remember for the life of me how I resolved it. I'm using an ASrock b450m Pro 4

What has happened and what can I do to fix it?

Many thanks in advance!


Does the BIOS now show the primary hard drive (since you have disconnected the other one)? Have you tried rolling back to an earlier restore point?
I have never had any luck with 'auto repair', but did save my bacon once by using my Windows install disc, booting from it and repairing Windows from that disc. Might be worth a try. It was a hassle to get all the drives and boot orders straightened out after that but it repaired my drive and the OS.