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  1. L

    Question Do i need to reinstall windows when im upgrading my motherboard and cpu?

    Im going from the i5-8600k to the i5-12600k and obviously i need a new motherboard for that. Can i simply connect my drives and launch it like it was the old pc? Thank you in advance!
  2. gvcallen

    Question New PC switches off during install

    Have just built a new PC but can't seem to install an OS. I have tried Windows 10, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora but all exhibit very similar behaviour. What happens is that at seemingly random times in the install (although for Windows it is actually quite consistent) the keyboard lights all blink...
  3. P

    Question Does us msconfig delete the applications on the windows 10 copy?

    I have two windows 10 installations, one on my hdd and one on my ssd. I want to delete the one on my hdd however I have other programs on there so I can’t just wipe the drive. I looked it up and saw that I can use msconfig ( I think it’s called ) to delete the old windows 10 on my hdd that I...
  4. princedragonis

    Question How do I move my Windows installation to a new SSD?

    I have a Windows 10 on my HDD. I recently purchased an M2 SSD. I wish to boot my Windows from it and have all the apps on it. It is being shown as a drive. I wish to move my Windows to the SSD. A reinstallation is okay. My question is: If I try to install a Windows 10 copy from a live USB by...
  5. M

    Question After moving OS to SSD, can I use two partitions to install programs?

    I currently have a 1TB HDD that is near full, and I am looking to do a clean install of Windows 10 onto my 500GB SSD (WD Blue SATA SSD), and have no issue reinstalling any programs. I plan to use my 1TB HDD to store personal documents (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos folders etc) along...
  6. deNameMo

    [SOLVED] Is something like dynamic RAM Module possible (Deactivate certain sticks in Windows? Read Description)

    Suppose you have 2x 3200 & 2x 2400 Sticks. This is running quadchannel and in general @ 2400mhz since the 2 Sticks are the lowest freq. correct? If you want to run at 3200mhz you'd need to disable/remove the lower frequency sticks correct? If that is the case, is it possible to utilize all...
  7. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] GLITCH: Windows 10 Flashes for half a second then tabs become black and the desktop icons and the desktop itself becomes black

    I'm having issues with my Windows 10 recently, whenever I'm casually using my pc and while I'm editing, the display flickers for half a second then everything becomes black, the taskbar disappears, the tabs that are open are partially black and the only way to revert this issue is to hover the...
  8. Z

    Question "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop

    Just today I have had the problem where my personally built computer goes into a consistent loop where it indicated that it is "Preparing Automatic Repair" only to just have my computer restart. I have looked up numerous amount of fixes and all of them revolve around needing to enter 'windows...
  9. mmzf

    Question what will be the best linux distro for me?

    What will be the best Linux distro for best webgl performance? For a Dell precision m6400 core 2 duo p8400 @2.26Ghz and 10gb ram 1066Mhz with Nvidia quadro fx 2700m as it got only 340 driver on Linux which is kinda unsupported now a days. i use to play a webgl game, so i only need is good...
  10. Haunted_

    [SOLVED] Recommended Drive for OS: 2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 vs 500GB SATA SSD vs 1TB SATA SSD ?

    Hey All, I'm upgrading my computer with some new parts and I'm curious which drive others would use for the Windows 10 install. I do lots of video editing of 4K videos in Davinci Resolve, lots of photo organizing and editing in Lightroom (cloud and LR Classic, all RAW photos), and lots of...
  11. Endre

    Question Operating system market share 2021

    Quick facts: As of april 2021, Android holds the top position as the most used operating system worldwide, with 40.63% market share. While Windows is #2 with 31.94% worldwide market share. https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share Question: Knowing that Microsoft lost the race of the...
  12. I

    [SOLVED] Will having a hard drive only with Operating system increase speed?

    i have 4 hard drives (HDD) one of them has the operating system im not gonna lie its kinda full and makes it very very slow so im planing on doing some changes such as moving everything, apps, files, to other non-operating system hard drives ( please note i don't mean files like...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Why is the 'documents' folder on my computer stored on my HDD (D drive) rather than my local disk (C drive)?

    Hi, I noticed that the quick access folders for documents, pictures, downloads, videos etc are all located on my HDD drive (for storage) rather than my OS drive. Does this mean I still have old windows components (files and folders) on my HDD (I used this for my OS before I bought an SSD. I...
  14. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Why can't I update Xubuntu ?

    Hi everyone. I tried to update from Xubuntu 20.04.1 LTS to 20.04.2, but for some reason, I can't easily do so. I executed the "sudo apt update" command before using these three specific upgrade commands: "sudo apt dist-upgrade," "sudo apt full-upgrade," and "sudo apt upgrade." The upgrade...
  15. A

    Question Windows Wont Boot To New SSD After Data Migration

    Hello Toms Hardware! as the title suggests I am having difficulty booting into my new SSD. I recently purchased a new NVME SSD. I wanted to migrate my current OS and some storage to my new drive. Both drives are Samsung. I downloaded the Samsung data migration utility and proceeded to run it as...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Question about migrating OS

    Hello, I have recently bought an m.2 SSD (replacement for the old HDD) for my notebook to finally make it usable. I want to migrate the OS (W10 Home), but I cant find information about the transfer as a whole. Will the migration copy all SYSTEM RELATED FILES to the SSD or ALL FILES to the SSD...
  17. kook

    [SOLVED] Which drive should I install it on?

    So I want to install Pop!_OS and I need to select either of these 2 drives. I'm sure the top is HDD and the lower is SSD so what do I choose to install the OS? Personally I thought I'd use the HDD for backups. So where does the OS go? Btw win10 is installed somewhere and I don't mind overwriting...
  18. I

    Question is ssd hard drive faster

    im gonna buy an ssd hard drive to speed up some games loading speed and fps in general, but i wonder does the ssd hard drive need to be the OP system to run games faster? or can i just put it as a secondary hard drive and put a game in there and it will run faster? the question is, will both...
  19. xrh

    [SOLVED] Constant BSOD and System File corruptions

    As of yesturday my PC has been getting loads of random BSOD, and error codes indicating there are corrupt system files. So the 1st error code I got was 0xc0000221 which was saying my OS couldn't be loaded due to the kernel being missing or containing errors and the file it was showing was...
  20. NJackson7

    [SOLVED] Best cloud storage solution

    Hello all. I am currently doing a project that is trying to determine how useful a personal cloud storage device would be for a business compared to using options such as Onedrive (as well as how economically viable it would be). As part of this project, I need to determine which would be the...
  21. G

    My PC shuts off when gaming/Stress Test!

    I am Often Playing video games when my system will shut off, and I know that the CPU is not overheating. I have had this problem before and a computer shop said it was a problem with my operating system. Yet after re-installing windows with a different product key, the problem has come back...
  22. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Photoshop makes my whole OS lag

    I made a similar thread earlier and I thought the issue was fixed by reinstalling photoshop to another drive, but after 3 hours of working on a project the issue happened again, all of a sudden out of nowhere my whole system just started lagging extremely to the point where it took about a...
  23. bradencn

    [SOLVED] I want to move an old Hard Drive to a new computer without losing data. How?

    I know how to install a new hard drive fairly easily. My question is simply, how do I take an older 3.5" hard drive that has an OS on it, and put it on my new computer that has the OS on an M.2 that I'm using? Obviously I don't need the OS on the hard drive anymore, but I really don't want to...
  24. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Installed Windows 10 as MBR... not GPT. Is this a problem?

    So I did a clean install of Windows 10. Seems to be running fine, but after some digging a found out that the OS is installed as BMR, not GPT. I have read that GPT is superior, but I really dont want to reinstall OS again. cant also boot in UEFI mode too, I think thats connected. Only thing I...
  25. Andross64

    Question Why is Microsoft giving me a .exe file when I try to download the ISO for my OS?

    - Main drive that had the OS on it failed(everything was backed up so it's all good). - I go to the Microsoft page where you can re-download the ISO to reinstall the OS on your machine. - My code works fine but...... It gives me a .exe file even though the page says download ISO. - I need to...
  26. [WTS] Crucial MX 500 1TB SSD--$85.00 shipped

    Crucial MX 500 1TB SSD. Used for on year, will wipe clean before shipping. I have gone to all M.2 PCI-e and the cases I'm using don't have 2.5" drive slots. $85.00 Shipped
  27. Z

    [SOLVED] What is the best way to transfer just my OS and games to a new SSD from HDD?

    I have a Lenovo Legion-Y520 Laptop with 1TB of HDD storage. I want to transfer just my OS and games to a new 1TB SSD, and leave the HDD for storage without removing it. Would it be best for me to fresh install Windows 10 from a USB to the SSD, and then transfer just my games over, or should I...
  28. beeko

    [SOLVED] Will win10 affect my current OS

    Hey Since Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 works only with windows 10, is it possible to install windows 10 on a different drive so when ever I want to play that game, I would switch on that drive? So that the OS would not mess up with my bios or anything with my current windows 7 OS?
  29. RSV AI

    [SOLVED] What can I use to collect the drivers of a PC and reinstall it again after reformat

    What can I use to collect the drivers of a PC and reinstall it again after reformat
  30. 2

    [SOLVED] Looking for advice on fixing my rig

    Hello forum! So I have a rig that was GREAT....5 years ago. My components can be found over here. I have since added 1 500gb SSD and a 3TB external hard drive. I know its about time for a new rig, but I need to get a bit more time out of the rig to save up for the new one, and I really believe I...
  31. milos.burmazovic

    [SOLVED] How will change of hardware impact my OS?

    Hello everyone, A few days ago my CPU fan stopped spinning so I went online and ordered a new cooler and saw the guy selling it has a 1TB HDD so I bought it too. Today it arrived and I couldn't get the cooler to fit properly. I sighed and decided it was time for an upgrade anyway. So again I...
  32. user.anonymous

    Question Trouble Accessing the BIOS ll PC Build

    Hello, I am currently building a pc for the first time but I have encountered problems with accessing the BIOS. In looking for the solution, I have come to the conclusion that the problem is potentially related to either/or my USB keyboard and MSI motherboard (see specs below). 1. Given I have...
  33. user.anonymous

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install the Windows 10 operating system before the installation of the BIOS?

    So my current situation is that I do not have an optical drive to install the msi dvd containing the drivers and utilities needed with the computer. Instead, I was thinking of using the Windows 10 operating system first, then going onto the relevant websites to install the software for the BIOS...
  34. _fishp0cket

    [SOLVED] Moving dual boot partitions safely?

    So my current storage situation is a bit of a problem. My current main boot drive was originally a storage drive, that at some point I installed a very slim Windows system to in a small partition (50GB) part way through the drive and between 2 storage partitions I resized to fit it between. Poor...
  35. user.anonymous

    [SOLVED] Can I convert my MSI DVD Rom to USB format? If so, how?

    Hello; I'm currently setting up my operation system for a recent pc build of mine. However, I am wondering whether or not it is possible to safely convert my DVD ROM to a USB format on a 2.0/3.0 flash drive. I assume there is no harm in doing so but I have seen nothing related to how the...
  36. R

    [SOLVED] Hello! My computer randomly freezes and makes buzzing noises.

    Hello! I just upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 and i didn't have any problems with windows 7 but when im playing a game on windows 10 it takes 50-40 mins sometimes 1 hour to randomly freeze and make some buzzing noise. SPECS: GEFORCE GTX 650 TI BOOST P8H61-M DDR3 KINGSTON 8 GB /1333MHZ...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] My PC won't boot directly to startup. Needs to get restarted or go thru BIOS.

    My PC won't let me boot directly into the startup and it will just stuck in the loading screen, but when I restart it normally boots. Or if I go to the BIOS and set the boot manually. Please help, I think this would destroy my SSD's health if it continues to boot like this. Specs: Gigabyte...
  38. Pelmorr

    [SOLVED] Transfering windows from 2.5 SSD to M.2 NVME help

    Hello, this is my first timing posting into these forums but i'm just looking for a simple and explained answer. I just bought a Samsung M.2 and i'm basically just looking to transfer/clone the operating system and other files from my current 2.5 SSD over to the M.2. Is it safe and easy to...
  39. pcgasm

    [SOLVED] Changing system sounds

    i replaced default windows 10 sounds with windows 8 but randomly after restart windows changes sounds to default. is it same with newer versions of windows 10 too? edit: im using 1507
  40. Chello00809

    Question No OS detected after enabling Fast Boot

    Hi, I enabled Fast Boot on my PC and it's completely stopped working. It just displays a message saying that no OS was detected, and to disconnect any hard drives that don't contain an OS. Checking the BIOS it didn't detect any hard drives at all I have two drives, so I disconnected the one...