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  1. F

    Question Use .exe as OS

    I was just curious id it would be possible to usensure an .exe app as an os... so when you boot the pc it just comes up as that app.
  2. deva7666

    Question M.2 vs SSD

    Hello! I'm new to the forum so please bare with me. But I have a quick question: I'm looking to build my next PC and I've been hearing a lot about using M.2's as a good storage(? unsure of what to call it atm, words are escaping me) for using it to boot and run OS. This is what I was thinking...
  3. K

    Question Battlefield 1 or keyboard software issue

    Guys, I have a logitech G413, whenever i click on the weapons loadout screen iin battlefield 1 or on squad members in game, it automatically scrolls up to the first weapon slot for all classes. And i also keey moving forward without any key being pressed Help please
  4. G

    2019 standard and essentials

    I saw a link to a discussion about this on here but cannot find it now. I just want a few bullets to give my client to help them decide whether they should go with Essentials or Standard version of 2019 server. Thanks!
  5. J

    Question Cloning OS partitions to other parition

    So I have a 1Tb hard drive containing my games, media etc. and an 500Gb ssd which contains my windows. I want to get rid of the ssd on this system, the plan is to clone my ssd into a partition on my hard drive. Windows reinstallation isn't an option. So is there any kind of tool that I can use...
  6. yippee ki yay

    [SOLVED] How to reinstal OS Windows 8 upgrade 10

    Greetings people, I have a PC which I need to reinstall OS. We buy Windows 8.1 few years ago and when Microsoft relase free upgrade to Windows 10 we do that. Now I need to reinstall PC and how to keep Windows 10? Is key for Windows 8 or Windows 10 ? Thank you
  7. yupu

    [SOLVED] what operating system is recommended for an unsupported white macbook

    Hello, earlier this week i found my old white macbook laptop that has a cracked screen, i used this laptop back when it came out (i think 2008 or 2009) in those days it was a very fast and efficient laptop (im a windows user now btw). one day the screen broke and i remember it costed like half...
  8. rysani

    [SOLVED] Can use internet but can't play games

    As the title says I can browse internet but can't connect to online games like GameRanger, Age of empires (eso) and others. I need help with this its been more than a month I've not played my games due to this problem. Tried searching more than hundreds of fix's but that didn't solve any of my...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Can an operating system with good multi-GPU code or API allow non-multi-GPU games to scale well?

    If an operating system gets multi-GPU code or APIs (e.g. Vulkan) coded into it, will games that weren't developed with multi-GPU code finally scale well? This was because I learned that not all games scale well with multi-GPU because the devs don't embed code for them. So instead of coding...
  10. R

    Question Am I still able to access the Files from this Hard Drive?

    I've been dealing with motherboard issues with this old computer that I was using for the last 5 years and it ended up dying recently. So I ended up going out and got a completely new computer. I have a lot of important files on my old computer's hard drive. My old computer ran Windows 8.1 as...
  11. K

    Question Computer Hangs at "Loading Operating System"

    Hi everyone, I was trying to install windows 10 on my hard drive, but it wouldn't boot to the USB, it just stalled at "Loading Operating System". So i pulled the hard drive and used another computer to install it onto that hard drive. Now it does the same thing with the hard drive. I tried...
  12. M

    No 5.1 sound from Netflix

    Hello all, I have a samsung ht-j5150 5.1 audio system and i have it hooked up to a philips 50PUS6503/12 via a high speed hdmi cable with ethernet (in the ARC hdmi slot). The problem is that regardless of the audio setting i choose on the tv or samsung audio system, i can't get 5.1 to play from...
  13. X

    [SOLVED] So much to choose from!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PC shenanigans, and I was very kindly given a PC from a friend of mine, as he has upgraded. Current Specs: M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2ghz CPU (taken from an AM3 board) GTX 760 Asus Direct CU II OC edition GPU EVGA Supernova 750B semi...
  14. F

    cmos battery needs replacement, where to buy?

    where would i find a cmos battery for the gateway2000 P4D-66?
  15. T

    Can't stop the BSOD! (Just crash, crash, crash)

    With apologies to JT. I've been trying to chase down this BSOD and I can't figure out what's causing it. It's been very regular, happening several times a week. Here's my system specs: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 i7-3770k 32GB RAM Asus 1080 6GB I let it run overnight with memtest86 but it didn't...
  16. acer2dn

    Is this a good build?

    I have changed my specs a bit. Here is the list to my specs. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PbVXkd
  17. M

    Power Supply suggestions

    I currently have the corsair CX 500. This is the one https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Bronze-Certified-Non-Modular-CP-9020047-US/dp/B0092ML0MY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518751358&sr=8-1&keywords=corsair+cx500 I've heard that it's not the best so I'm gonna replace it in a few months. My system...
  18. I

    PC crashes on windows after lag spike...

    So recently me and a friend transferred his PC to a new case with a new power supply. After that we tried posting and it kept turning on and off then we started to smell of smoke... we switched the power supply's round back to the old one and it worked.. But then under load on a new reset...
  19. RainOfPain125

    Any suggestions for my build?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/RainOfPain125/saved/Rvd4D3 I know I cheaped out on case - since I don't particularly care about the looks. But just in case you know of a better one for around the same price (maybe better cable management or better pre-installed fans) please tell Also the GPU I...
  20. J

    im trying to connect my HP laptop to my Vizio smart tv wireless please help

    i have no idea how to work this tv, and I've been trying to connect my computer. I looked up videos and it only shows how to connect from a windows computer
  21. O

    I5 6500 good for low graphics gaming?

    Hello there! I am using a "currently made" pc, and i don't have GPU yet. So my question is pretty much the title. For example. lets say that i want to play GTA 5. Will i be able t oplay with decent FPS at low graphics? My PC specs: Motherboard:Gigabyte B150-HD3P CPU: I5 6500 RAM: 1x8 ddr4...
  22. A

    Is it possible to connect a Multi-Function Router to a PC via LAN and for it to get the Internet via WiFi?

    Hi everyone! I have a 3 in 1 Multi-Function Router (EDIMAX N300 BR-6428nC) and I need it to do something very specific that I've been told by the seller that it can be done with this device. Basically what I need from this device is to connect to a PC via the LAN port and for the device to get...
  23. S

    Want to build laptop.

    Laptop has to have these specs. 3570k processor Plextor S2C 2.5" 512GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) PX-512S2C EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING, 04G-P4-6253-KR, 4GB Z77 motherboard Not sure about how much battery i need or the wifi and what barebone laptop i need to fit it
  24. D

    Overclock AMDR9 380?

    Can i overclock my amd r9 380 to a core clock of 1150 with a i3 4170 and a 550w power supply motherboard is an msi h81m-p33
  25. W

    Can I install fans on the top side of the CM Master Case 5 basic without the top bracket?

    Can I install fans on the top side of the CM Master Case 5 basic without the top bracket?
  26. A

    Best configuration for E5-2660v3

    Hi Guys, I got hold of DECA core CPU (Xeon e5-2660-v3) today as someone sold me really cheap. I plan to make a home VMWare server and looking for optimal configuration. This processor supports DDR4 RAM. I don't want to spend a bomb on the build initially but want reasonable quality and...
  27. S

    Laptop Sleeps with high usage

    I have an HP Envy 15t Slim Quad laptop which has a GTX 950M. I've had it since last November and didn't run into this issue until recently (about a month ago). Whenever I run something using the GTX the laptop sleeps within 2-5 minutes. It is especially weird since it even does this in a game...
  28. G

    Windows Holographic Updated, HoloLens Commercial Suite Announced

    Coinciding with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for desktops, Microsoft released the second major update to Windows Holographic. Additionally, the HoloLens Commercial Suite was announced. Windows Holographic Updated, HoloLens Commercial Suite Announced : Read more
  29. M

    My new build won't connect to the Internet

    I have a Gigabyte-GA-H110M motherboard. My wifi is one fo those AT&T boxes ( I know don't judge) and I can hook my PC up through Ethernet. Can someone help me connect to the wireless network?
  30. T

    Asus rampage V Extreme question

    Hey guys, one of the cases that i love is the Cooler Master Storm Trooper and one of the Motherboards i like is Asus Rampage V Extreme (For My needs). But now the problem i encounter is that according to the specifications of CM Storm trooper on Cooler Master Website, it says that the following...
  31. T

    No Signal detected after installing PSU (sparks & smoke)

    I'd like to thank in advance for any possible solutions. I was enjoying a game, when my computer shut off. I tried the power button to restart, and it came to life for the briefest of a second, then nothing. No further attempts to power up worked. At that point, I thought it might be the PSU...
  32. G

    Upgrading to 8 cores

    I had my personal rig for about 4-5 years already and i would like to get a beasty pc or a build that is based around AMD. I don't like how much hype Intel gets and i want to help out AMD by buying their stuff and i have seen good benchmark results with its FX 8-core CPUs. I would mainly use the...
  33. R

    Shipping motherboard in luggage tomorrow - Should i remove the CMOS battery?

    So I talked to the flight customer support and they say lithium batteries are not alllowed. Is CMOS battery problematic in this case or they shouldn't mind it?
  34. N

    Help me pleaseeeee!

    Someone help me I just turned 14 and my dad said he'd buy me whatever I want I just need to know if this pc is actually really good for its price! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/DYFcZL
  35. G

    Is there a program that I could launch my games from that would boost fps.

    Is there program that I could launch my games from that would boost fps
  36. I

    ASUS laptop won't turn on. No lights

    My ASUS V301L laptop won't turn on and no lights are showing. This happened after I held down the power button while the computer was restarting. I also had my phone connected via USB chord at the time. I've tested that the charger is working. I've tried holding down the power button for 30+...
  37. U

    Overclocking issues AMD FX-4130 and Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

    I bought an AMD FX-4130 and I was going to overclock it. I am very new to overclocking so I looked around at a lot of things for help and I thought I had the basics of it down. However, whenever I try to overclock it, all programs run slower and Windows 7 switches back to it's aero theme and has...
  38. X-Gamers

    Has anyone used a power inverter to use for a desktop pc?

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2643 V3 3.4GHz 6-Core OEM/Tray Processor ($500.00) CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2643 V3 3.4GHz 6-Core OEM/Tray Processor ($500.00) Thermal Compound: ARCTIC MX4 20g Thermal Paste ($18.89 @ OutletPC) Motherboard: Asus Z10PE-D8 WS...
  39. I

    st4000dx001 3.5" sshd

    Hey all, Thank you for all the previous answers, but I was wondering if anyone can help with 2 questions please. I have a MSI Z170A Gaming M7 board and I was wondering if these SSHD will work with the system, still learning these new kinds of HDD's...
  40. M

    Adding a second modem/router

    Ok so my PC is in the top level of my house. The problem is, I game in the basement which has a horrible connection due to the main floor in between. I have an extra modem/router lying around, and I was wondering if I could plug it in, in the basement to give my xbox a wired connection without...