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  1. Metaformed

    Need a new modem and router for Time Warner Cable.

    So I currently have the cheap modem/router all in one combo that comes with our connection, It is slow, has a short range, and has other issues like one of the antennas is loos so a light breeze could knock it down. Anyways, I was wondering what router and modem to get to go with my current...
  2. R

    which one is better?

    Which one is better i7 4th gen. 4510u with 4gb nvidia 840m Or i7 5th gen. 5500u with 2gb nvidia 940m
  3. G

    PC freezes at random times.

    alright fellas, i have a built pc i built when i was 16 years old. im now 21... and ive been out of the pc building for a long time now....i fogotten how to do various things so please bare with me .! ive got this pc with an asus m-board, acer quad core cpu (forget the model but its stock at...
  4. Bubbserino

    PC Starts to Stutter at random times.

    I've had this issue before a very long time ago but it fixed itself after a few days, but now it has been here for around a week, and i can't seem to find the issue. Basically, ever since i got my internet speeds upgraded, sometimes when i am playing games, on twitch or even just on Teamspeak...
  5. R

    Looking for a CPU

    I have a Gigabyte 2AC8 1.2 motherboard and am looking for a good CPU for gaming that is compatible with my motherboard. At the moment i have an AMD FX-6200, and this processor isnt as good as i would like it. A link to multiple CPUs of various prices would be very nice :D
  6. a cooperator

    How to use a desktop computer local HDD as an external HDD on a computer's USB port.

    Hi, My motherboard, which has integrated VGA card, Audio card, Network card, seems to be defective. However, the HDD(40GB), Power Supply, and Intel P 4 processor(3.00 GHz) are still intact. My local HDD has a STAT connector. However, it seems as though it is ancient. If I want to benefit from...
  7. O

    Can an Asus GTX 760 DC2OC fit into a certain motherboard?

    So I am torn between a Asus Z97-K and a Asus B85 Pro Gamer motherboard, can my graphic card which is Asus GTX 760 DC2OC fit into 1 of them? I am really on a budget and I only get to pick these 2 choices, of course the B85 is cheaper, but can GPU fit into it? Will one of them bottleneck my...
  8. B

    Battlefield 1942 long loading time

    Hi, I have X54H laptop (B960, HD7470M, W7x64 professional) When I start battlefield it takes a long time to load (around 3min). In that time both CPU and HDD are inactive. Also it takes long to connect to a server. Other laptops in LAN it have a much faster. Problem retains in some other games.
  9. E

    After BIOS update Windows 7 cannot read/display images

    I have a custom desktop, recently it started having constant BSoDs, I was able to pin the problem on the BIOS and flashed it. Once I flashed it the BSoDs stopped however Windows Explorer and Windows Photo Viewer could not view images, the desktop was stuck on black and I could not change the...
  10. Ferrariassassin

    Can my brothers PC handle this GPU and will it fit also?

    Heres the GPU. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150677 Here is his exact PC. http://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.PAGE/public/kb/docDisplay?docId=c03791266&ac.admitted=1414118409105.876444892.492883150
  11. S

    Is this MOBO/CPU/RAM combo compatible?

    I'm upgrading from an AMD system to Intel, and I want to make sure that this setup will work. Everything looks okay to me, but I'm not sure about things like the BIOS, etc. I welcome any and all feedback.
  12. A

    What is wrong?? CPU stock temp is high...

    Hi, It must be something major wrong with my rig now... I have the AMD FX-8320 processor with Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 cooler, and the fine little saberkitty 990FX r2.0. Thermal Compound used is Arctic Cooling MX-4. Application method is 2 small dots on the heatsink. But the temperature in...
  13. S

    System Overclocking Newbie

    What can/can't I over clock? Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @2.66GHz Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4350 Motherboard: ASUSTek (P5QL/EPU Model) I unfortunately don't know what kind of fan I'm using. I recently bough this computer for a steal of 140$ and was wondering what it's maximum...
  14. W

    Building an ITX gaming rig

    My mom is big into MMOs and wants to build a new rig for the game Wildstar. ( Link to system requirements ). She will be moving the system around quiet a bit between her home, her RV, and my house. She has a monitor, optical drive, and 2TB external storage drive. She feel in love with the with...
  15. B

    Is my pc the best it can be

    Hi guys/girls I just want to see if anyone has any opinion on improving my system before I lay down the big bucks, I don't want to go over 5k and I already have my sdd and hdd thank you http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Chuckels333/saved/4FrC
  16. F

    Is this a good budget gaming pc build?

    Hi, this is my first build and I was wondering, will it hold for a good 1080p gaming? I'm a bit concern about the psu, is it any good? I am from India and my budget is Rs. 55000. CPU: intel i5 4440 GPU: msi gtx 760 tf Mobo: msi H81M-P32 Cabinet: cooler master n200 Ram: corsair xms 1600hz...
  17. N

    which is better for gaming radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5 or radeon r7 250 1GB DDR5 ?

    I was about to buy the 7750 and then realized the R7 250 had just been released with the same price and small difference in performance so which is better ??
  18. D

    Media Server CPU

    Good Afternoon All, Looking at purchasing a budget mini desktop to use as a Plex Media Server and General File Storage. Just wondered whether the below system will be suitable for my needs: •Wirelessly streaming 720p movies, music and photos to a Roku/IPad/Laptop – I will only ever stream to...
  19. DR001

    My laptop is a touch screen laptop, but for some reason I can't use the touch screen

    I'm using a touch screen laptop, at first it was working normally but after a while, the touch screen isn't working...can someone help?
  20. TheBritishViking

    Build nearly complete, need motherboard advice.

    Hello everyone, It's probably worth pointing out I'm going to be using this for primarily gaming, recording gameplay, and video editing. Ideally future proofing would be nice too. I'm pretty happy with my the way my build looks so far I just need a bit of advice on the motherboard my first...
  21. R

    desktop background always turns black

    hi..my desktop background always turns black after some time..i can change it back to normal but it always go to black.. and sometimes my taskbar disappears.. please help...
  22. N

    can a gtx 660 OC run bf4 ultra with 60+ fps , res 1440x900

    any thoughts? s
  23. T

    Can't disable onboard graphics to let me install new card

    Hi I've got a Packard Bell iMedia S2870. It's a core i3 and does well but the graphics are quite poor. For Christmas I got a new Sapphire HD 7750 (low profile) but I can't disable the onboard graphics. When I enter the BIOS the option is greyed out and as I move the the BIOS options it skips...
  24. K

    Coax, Ethernet and Dry Wall

    Recently purchased a new receiver, tv and blu ray player and my installer moved my router from my office to right below my tv. My FIOS modem is in the tv room so he ran a new coax line from the modem to the router. I asked him to leave the old coax from the modem to my office because I thought...
  25. djthiago1

    Help me finish my gaming PC with 550$

    I currently have a: 300W PSU AM3 MOBO Radeon 4670 Athlon II 265 4Gb DDR3 1333 RAM (PC3 10600 9-9-9-24) Will probably need cooler after upgrade I'm trying to save on RAM if possible buying similar RAM so i don't need to buy new say 1600mhz or more, unless if needed, that way i'll just add 4...
  26. I

    CPU cooler's help???

    I have a few questions such as what will I need to change a cpu stock cooler to a new cooler master 212 and what command paste should I get with it??? I have no idea how or what I use to clean the old paste off with or how please could you guys give me the full advise my case is cooler master...
  27. M

    Well this be able to game well for a budget build?

    I've done a bit of research and am trying to get the most bang for my buck http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/2s7Zf That is what i have at the moment any suggestions? i am pretty new to this.
  28. B

    is this combination possible

    is it possible to put a galaxy graphics card with a asus dc2 graphics card
  29. A

    New PC config! Is it good?

    Check it out and give me some feedback:D $600 budget http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2picQ
  30. B

    MSI R9 280X Gaming Card with 600W PSU?

    Hello all. 3 years ago i build a nice PC and its becoming out of date. The Motherboard and CPU i want to change later. (next year) My pc now is like: CPU: i5 760 2.8ghz (old) Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E Pro (old) Ram: 8GB...
  31. E

    Strange SSD Problem

    Okay for a while ive had a Crucial M4 as my boot drive (only 64gb) yesterday I was restarting my computer and out of nowhere it BSoD on me. Whats wierd is it is recognised in the BIOS as im looking in the ASUS EZ Flash utility and I see my files. I can also select it as a boot drive. However...