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Question No sound Win 7


Mar 24, 2019
So i have a old pc witch I set up for my little brother just for YouTube.
Win 7 Ultimate 32bits.
All I know about the components of the pc is a very old Ryzen and no Graphic card (if you need more details about the components I can look and say exactly)
So this pc had win 8 on it and i changed the hard drive and first I had no network because it had no driver's. After I installed the network drivers I used Driver Easy and installed the drivers for sound and for the motherboard ( Do I need to install all drivers from everything for sound to work?)
I made sure the speakers work, I tried another speakers still not working what's the problem?


Don't use drive programs, they're universally terrible. Go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and get the actual drivers.

Where did you obtain this copy of Windows? Using a 32-bit version of anything is exceedingly odd on a Ryzen build.
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Ryzen only came out in 2017...

So 'very old Ryzen ' is an interesting description... :)

And you can expect no native support for Win7 for any Ryzen CPUs/chipsets/mainboards, needing to rely on manufacturer -supplied patches to the OS for it to work at all...