Noob question About Over Clocking


Dec 22, 2008
Alright i overclocked my E8400 to 3.6 GHZ and my voltage is at 1.175, When i set the voltage to 1.2375 the temps sky rocketed to 68 C. Now its 60 C max temp after running Orthos For 3 Hours with no errors. Is this stable? And can i keep this overclock. Thanks in advance. Its actually cooler than if i ran stock at 3.0 GHZ with stock voltage lol. SO i wanna make sure nothing is wrong here. Thanks in advance


Jun 18, 2008
:O thats an insanely awesome voltage for 3.6ghz! zomg!!!!!!!!!! if you bought an aftermarket cooler or even better a water cooling kit you could probably get to 4.5ghz!

the reason its cooler than stock 3ghz and stock voltage is that is actually UNDERVOLTED as well as OVERCLOCKED! i am so envious of you...

people bragging about their 4ghz "golden chip"? pffft. nothing compared to yours.

be aware 1.3625v is the max "safe" voltage intel recommends. so with a good cooler, heat would no longer be limiting your overclock, and you could push that insanely far! i wouldnt be surprised if that could do 4ghz on stock voltages! 25% oc without a voltage change!

that, my friend, is an amazing chip you have there. good luck.