Dec 8, 2016
So I just moved into a building that forces me to use a certain ISP. Turns out they have an ONT in the building and the only thing I have access to is a managed switch in the wall of my closet that then has cables running to ethernet ports in my walls but they only activated one port and want to charge me for activating others. They set me up with an Eero Pro for wifi that I want to get rid of, which is plugged into my only working ethernet port in the wall, and then my pc is plugged into that while everything else I have is using wifi. I have a NAS I need to plug in though so I was thinking I could either get a new switch and plug that into my one working wall port then a wireless access point or should I just get a router? I've always had modem and router combos from my previous isp's and I never really got into networking enough to know when to use switch/access point or router and I've never had to deal with this ONT setup before, feeling a bit lost. It's just a 1 bedroom apartment so don't need any crazy range, and I'm just connecting my pc and nas wired and tv, laptop, and cell phone wirelessly.
It would be strange if they only had a ONT and connected that to multiple apartments.

In any case you need it to go isp---ONT---router---switch/ap other stuff.

I suspect you can remove their switch but lets say you can't. You would first remove all the cables going to the remote rooms from their switch and place your own switch there. You would then plug a cable from the ISP switch to your new router WAN port. You would then connect 1 port of the lan to the new switch.

All your port are now active and if you need more wifi coverage you could put a AP in the remote rooms. I strongly suspect you can plug the cable going from the ONT to their switch directly into your router but you can always leave it.

You can of course just plug a extra switch into the router you have if you just want more ports.