OC Dominator 8500c5d hard time ... plz help ?


Mar 10, 2009
Hi all,
I'm trying to OC my corsair dominator 1066 as high as i can get ... i heard i can hit 1200mhz with them . but i can't pass the 1100mhz :( . i think it was a waste of money on them.
if any one know how to deal with those chips plz help :).

q6600 @ 3.6g 1.500v
GA-x48-ds4 f2
crossx2 hd4850
chieftec 650w
corsair dominator 8500c5d 2.1v, v1.1 (D9) @ 2.4v

this is my current configuration on bios:

Maximum Supported Memory Clock: 533.3 MHz
Current Timing (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS): 5.0-5-5-18

Command Rate: 2T
Read to Read Delay (tRD_RD) Same Rank: 4T
Read to Read Delay (tRD_RD) Different Rank: 6T
Write to Write Delay (tWR_WR) Same Rank: 4T
Write to Write Delay (tWR_WR) Different Rank: 6T
Read to Write Delay (tRD_WR) Different Rank: 8T
Write to Read Delay (tWR_RD) Same Rank (tWTR): 12T
Write to Read Delay (tWR_RD) Different Rank: 5T
Read to Precharge Delay (tRTP): 6T
Write to Precharge Delay (tWTP/tWR): 16T
RAS# to RAS# Delay (tRRD): 4T
Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC): 68T
Four Activate Window (tFAW): 4T
SPD: 2.66D (200mhz)

Thanks in Adv.