Question "Out of range" error on monitor after installing GPU driver

Chip Biscuit

Oct 27, 2015
Hi all. I have a Huion Kamvas GT221 Pro screen tablet hooked up to my computer, which I also use as my primary monitor.

The PC is connected to a Prozor HDMI switcher, because I also have my games console hooked up to it, and that switcher is connected directly to the monitor. This setup has worked fine for months.

This morning, I was sifting through some options in the AMD Radeon driver settings when an option came up to use "the monitor's native resolution". I clicked it, and the screen went black and the monitor's OSD told me "Out of range". I have since discovered that the HDMI switcher is incorrectly reporting the monitor's resolution as 2160p, when it's actually 1080p. So when the monitor receives a 4K signal, it panics and blacks out.

The problem is I can no longer restore the AMD settings to 1080p. If I plug the PC into the monitor directly, it correctly detects the 1080p native res and locks me down to that. However, the moment I plug the PC into the HDMI switcher, it auto-changes to 2160p (presumably - as the screen is black I don't know for sure that's what it's doing) and becomes unusable.

I have tried resetting the AMD driver to default settings and uninstalling it, using both AMD's official tools and DDU. In either case, the Windows default drivers work without issue (even through the switcher) but when I reinstall the AMD drivers the screen goes black if run through the HDMI switcher.

Bizarrely, even the Windows "low resolution mode" still causes the "out of range" error, but again only through the switcher. My games console functions fine through the switcher, as does my PC if the AMD drivers are not installed.

So that brings me to now - I can use my PC just fine when connected directly to the monitor, or through the switcher with no official graphics driver installed, but trying to run it through the switcher WITH the driver no longer works.
Any ideas?
hi, u can use custom resolution utility to fix it
try to hookup directly your monitor
open CRU
from rolldown menu select your monitor (should be already set as active if its hooked up directly)
then click on export button and save it as INF file type

then open device manager on menu click on view -> show hidden devices
locate your hdmi switch under monitors (should be grey if its not connected)
click on properies and from rolldown select hardware ID
u should see something like this
MONITOR\SAM0E84 (it will differ for your monitor/switch)
right click on it and select copy

then open your INF file in notepad and replace monitor id with name u got from device manager


go back to device manager, right click on your switch and select update drivers here click on browse my computer -> let me pick -> monitor -> from drive
select your inf file