Overclocking Gone Wrong



Well I tried to overclock my 9500 GT 1GB using Rivatuner. I let it detect the clock speeds then increased the clock speed by 20, according to a guide. But when I ran Far Cry 2, the ground shadows were odd, blotchy and moved weirdly, along with foliage objects and textures popping-in as I moved around.

I reset the card to default using Rivatuner and then fan Fallout 3, but when I ran in there were lines moving diagonally across the screen that were especially visible when looking at the night sky.

I tried a complete default settings reversal in Rivatuna but it didn't help, and I also tried a system restore and I still have the problem.

I'm really clueless to what to do. The graphics card's speeds are all back to normal, and Rivatuna was removed in my restore, so why would these things still be present?