Question Overclocking i7 4770k to 4.2GHz - some issues

May 4, 2019
Hello, I bought this CPU with MOBO in june 2013 when it was released. I use this CPU since then on daily basis mainy for gaming. I want to ask about overclocking, because it was overclocked since first day, but it was not stable if CPU Usage exceeded 70% in task manager. Error 124 BSOD was quite common in modern games. I would like to tweak it a little bit to eliminate these issues.

I dont have alot of experience with overclocking but I've tried to understand differences between Manual Mode, Adaptive Mode and Offset Mode. I've tried all 3 of them (adaptive mode was less stable).

I used Manual Mode and I set Core Voltage to 1.250 and Core Cache Voltage to 1.2 and it crashed (124 BSOD) right after I opened browser. So I moved back to Offset Mode.

At this moment I'm using Offset Mode with all offset voltages set to Auto. Also I've read that you should set LLC from Auto to higher if you want to use Offset Mode, so I set it to 5 out of 7. First what I've seen is CPU power consumption jumped from 20-40W to 70-85W which is close to maximum TDP. I dont want to damage my chip so is it normal?

CPU Core Voltage is between 1.230-1.280 at 4.2GHz.

MOBO: Asus Maximus VI Hero
PSU : EVGA Supernova 650 G3
CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Masterair MA610P
RAM: 16GB HyperX Fury 1866 MHz CL10

Any suggestion to get it more stable at heavy load?

Even as I bought this CPU, my friend tested it with some stability software like IntelBurn Test and Aida64 and he was suprised that it get at 105C with default settings - 3.5GHz and BSOD in less than 10 minutes. Probably I was not lucky with this piece.

Pictures from AI Suite (DIP5) and HWMonitor, also Picture of case (everything except MOBO, Case and CPU is 4 months old):

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The TDP can be tossed out the window when overclocking. At around 1.3 volts the CPU will be pulling about 150W. I highly suggest using the advanced view rather than the friendly view. You will see a lot more options.

To get it stable at high frequency, you need more core voltage. Simple as that. Adaptive will let it fluctuate. If it isn't quick enough in changing with demand it will be unstable. Load Line Calibration can result in excess voltage under load, it is a compensation for voltage sag and if load rapidly drops it can overcompensate.

I went with a fixed voltage myself, never could get it stable with offsets and adaptive. If I recall, 1.29 volts 4.3Ghz, Vin was something like 2.1? Been a while since i have turned mine on. 4.5Ghz was possible at 1.35 volts, but temperatures were not acceptable 100C almost instantly. I don't recall what I ended my uncore at, probably still 3.9Ghz.

i7-4770k, Asus Maximus VI Hero, 2x8GB G.Skill Sniper 1866Mhz memory. Had an h80i as a cooler, than a Swiftech H-240X + 2 GTX 980 and an additional 80x120mm radiator.