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    Question do i need to install/uninstall any driver or anything before/after installing the new CPU?

    Hi, my cpu i5-4670k, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, os-windows10 So i'm upgrading to i7 4790k , do i need to install/uninstall any driver or anything before/after installing the new CPU?
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    Question is latest version of aida64 extreme supported by my cpu which is so old?

    hi, my cpu i5 4670k. os- windows 10 I'm using aida64 extreme 2023 for system stability test. is this version of aida64 supported by my cpu which is so old? Can this version of aida64 tress testing cause any issue to my system as maybe tress testing would run some latest instructions which not...
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    Question Can plz anyone give me a very rough estimate how much % of more fps i would have with the new CPU?

    Hi, my cpu i5-4670k, gpu - Asrock rx 7800xt challenger oc, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, I just found a used i7 4790k at just 40$ and its in good condition( within friend circle). Though i've not bought it yet. Do u guys think it's the cheapest best upgrade to my system mainly...
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    Question have I permanently damaged my PC's hardware in trying overclock the CPU ?

    Hi, my cpu i5-4670k,cpu cooler-Hyper 212X , gpu - Asrock rx 7800xt challenger oc, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m, corsair ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz dual channel. So after trying some different overclocking settings ( used cpu vcore from 1.2 to 1.23 and targeted for...
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    Question Should i enable/disable any of these bios settings to increase stability during CPU overclocking? also which power plan is optimum for same reason?

    Hi, my cpu i5-4670k,cpu cooler-Hyper 212X , gpu - Asrock rx 7800xt challenger oc, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m, corsair ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz dual channel, Crucia MX 500 500gb ssd,windows10. Should i enable/disable any of these bios settings to increase stability...
  6. Budgeteer_262

    [SOLVED] i7-4790S refusing to turbo ?

    Hi, I have an i7 4790S on a B85M-E motherboard and I'm trying to get all 8 threads (4 cores) to turbo to the max 4Ghz possible for this non-k cpu. In the bios I've tried: Synchronising all core speeds with 4Ghz max turbo Disabling intel speedstep Setting long duration power to 84W (the tdp of...
  7. GUMSHi

    Question Advice on undervolting i5 4590

    I recently got a PC with an i5 4590 and when gaming it would reach 70+ degrees C, sometimes even reaching 80. HWINFO doesn't say that it's thermal throttling and I don't really see any decrease in performance, however it still worries me as this chip is old and I don't want to stress it too...
  8. Rez@

    Question Intel Haswell CPU i5 or i7 for Gaming

    Hello, I was planning to buy a system with Intel 4th generation quad-core processor to run the game. And now it is not possible for me to buy a newer generation system. My question is, how much of a difference would I get between a fourth generation intel quad core i5 4460 and octa core i7...
  9. hotfusion

    Question Need Help With VRM Section.

    Hello, I have been having problems with the VRM section of my Gigabyte H97m-D3H motherboard. It has killed 2 CPUs so far because of shorted mosfets. First time was an i7, PC simply refuses to turn on, fans only slightly moves when pressing the power button. After finding out the two shorted...
  10. E

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrade Advice - Haswell

    Hi all, I currently running a PC from a 4th-Gen Intel system, all is working fine. I am looking into possibly upgrading my RAM to 16GB and GPU but I'm still running DDR3. Have dipped into some casual SIM-RACING, eg. F1, AC F1 2021 PC Requirements - Looks like the PC will run it (minimum...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my current PC to handle 120+ fps

    Hi All, My current monitor has died which is a dell u2414h 24 inch 60hz monitor. I am going to buy the Dell S3220 32 inch 166 hz monitor. The question is with my current specs will I need to upgrade my parts? I play FPS games and would like to see smoother results. With low settings on...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Cryorig C7 + i7 4790 (non-k) High Temp

    Hi All, I have Cryorig C7 fan cooler paired up with i7 4790, and my pc is an itx system, using Silverstone SG13 case. During full load (intel xtu stress test or even in gaming) the temp is always hit over 95c, idle is about 45-55c. Now i downclocked the cpu (using windows power option menu) to...
  13. prathyush2018

    [SOLVED] MSI MPOWER MAX Z87 not posting after BIOS update

    Hey all! I recently tried to update my bios to version "1.A". It successfully completed updating the BIOS using M-Flash. It then rebooted and said it successfully installed the update to "ME" as well. It then said it would reboot after 5 seconds. After the reboot, the display never turned on...
  14. N

    Question 3800x Upgrade/Questions

    Hi guys, currently running a i5 4690k (Oc to 4.6Ghz) and a GTX 1080 Ti. I currently game on 1440P 144hz and my CPU has been limiting my gpu in a lot of my games now. I play a lot of Battlefield, Rainbow 6, Far cry, The Witcher, do you think a 3800x is a good enough upgrade? I am wondering what...
  15. bryangraph

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 or still with i7 4790K?

    Hi guys, i´m planning to upgrade to the new Ryzen 5 3600, looks like a great CPU for gaming (and that's what i do with my PC), but i don't know if is a good idea. i have these components: AsRock Z97x Killer Intel Core i7 4790K with 4.5Ghz OC at 1.18v Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2400Mhz MSI GTX...
  16. D

    Question Overclocking i7 4770k to 4.2GHz - some issues

    Hello, I bought this CPU with MOBO in june 2013 when it was released. I use this CPU since then on daily basis mainy for gaming. I want to ask about overclocking, because it was overclocked since first day, but it was not stable if CPU Usage exceeded 70% in task manager. Error 124 BSOD was...
  17. Sammyjo20

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my i5 4690k

    Hey guys! I've been using my Haswell i5 4690k for around 5 years now and I feel like I could do with an upgrade - I'd also be able to take the opportunity to get new RAM, Storage, etc. I'm planning on upgrading to an i5 9600k, do you think I should upgrade or should I just overclock my current...
  18. H

    Question i7 4770k Haswell Prime95 26.6 vs 29.xx

    Hi, I’ve been trying to overclock my i7 4770k on the newest version of Prime but couldn’t get it stable on 4.3 at 1.250volts, temps were really high on my Corsair H100i pro. I installed the 26.6 version instead and now the overclock is stable and doesn’t rise above 75c in temps, How come...
  19. T

    Question i7 4790 + GTX 1060 6GB for 3D Work??

    Hi all, I am wondering if this cpu will work well for 3D animation and modelling work. Also, I know people are going to tell me to ditch the platform and upgrade, but that is not in my budget right now. I would get the (K) version of the cpu, however that is more than a $100 dollars extra...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrade

    My current PC consists of: GTX 1080 FTW i5-4590 8gb RAM RM550x PSU My PC is slow with some games and even in windows, but my upgrade options are limited and I've came to the conclusion I have two options 1) Buy a Haswell i7 (4770,4790,etc) ~$150 2) Go all in with a completely new platform and...
  21. I

    [SOLVED] Asus K555LA Upgrade Ram

    Hi all, I want to upgrade laptop K555LA with more 4gb ram, it's run in chip i5 4210U and i see that type ram DDR3 is compatible with this, so i bought a Kingston ram 4gb DDR3 1600 mhz 1.5V to upgrade it, but the system only detect the Kingston ram in slot that i installed ( the initial ram is...
  22. Z

    [SOLVED] Is this normal for a gtx 1060 6gb?

    So I bought an msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x and before all my games would stay at a consistent 60c while gaming. I'm not sure what happened but now when gaming, the temperatures will fluctuate from 54 to 63. Before I dont think the fans were coming on but now they seem to come on when it reaches...
  23. M

    NEED HELP!!! Transfering data from ssd to hdd

    I have one hdd of 2TB and a ssd of 256gb i did not see that i installed everything on my ssd and my ssd was almost full in no time. So i wanted to transfer my data to hdd and i left only windows on my ssd but I made big mistake and just drag the folders to my hdd and to make things worse i...
  24. M

    Keyboard typing same character

    Please help. My laptop's name is Dell latitude E6320,its problem is auto pressing keys.when I turn on my Pc, Cpas lock falching and typing same character Like this (YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ]Y$) Then all keys don't work.and select programs automatically and all that happe when caps lock start flaching...
  25. S

    M5A99X Evo shutting off after 10 seconds

    Hi, I would like some help in this matter. Here are the specs: Asus M5A99X Evo CPU - Fx-8120 black edition RAM -Corsair vengeance 4GBs x2 (8 GBs at 1333 MHz) GPU - R7 260X 2GD5 OC MSI PSU - Corsair GS600w Cpu cooler- CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 Evo I've had this system for years now and it was...
  26. E

    Need advice on this error on particular.

    This is my build. I was thinking on buying a second gt970 to do a sli, but in part picket it gives me an error. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mGFmCb Thanks in advance for any help.
  27. J

    X370 power problems

    I’m not the biggest tech wizz but my motherboard (msi x370) doesn’t seem to be working, i recently got some corsaie vengence to install and once i did this correctly and turned it back on the motherboard does not light up but the everything else does? Even the usb slots on the back of the...
  28. L

    Game crashes/PC force restarts after case&cooler upgrade

    i just moved my PC into a new case (NZXT h440) as well as upgrading my CPU cooler from an Intel stock cooler to a MasterAir G100M. all runs fine and games run normal (no significant difference from previously) but after a couple minutes of the game running the game will crash and this happens...
  29. V

    Cdm2T command rate not working

    My motherboard: asus 350-plus Ram: ddr4 16gb dual channel @2400mhz. I overclocked my ram to 2993 mhz, but I would like increased stability by changing the command rate (cmd2t in my BIOS) to 2T. The options are Auto, 1T or 2T. When I changed it to 2T and checked CPU-Z, it said it was still 1T...
  30. B

    Hey guys i need to know things about bottleneck

    Hey guys so i want to know what exactly is bottleneck? Example : a cpu can bottleneck the game or gpu ... How so? Like the game will slow down? Or stuttering or low fps Thanks for help
  31. A

    Pace 526AC gateway with router with switch New home 2017 Whole house LAN

    Greetings! I wasn't sure which forum to post and ask this question so I thought why not Tom's Hardware?! Here is my dilemma. I have a new home with a whole home lan system. Pretty much I have a giant box in the wall downstairs with a bunch of lan cables that run into different outlets in...
  32. V

    How desktop stuck on setup

    I purchased a used Hp all in one desktop the other day. We did a reset to clear everything from the previous owners. Now it keeps looping back to the setup screen (the page that starts with " hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way" then you select your country, language, time, and...
  33. mdforlifehon

    Largest capacity DVD for my TS-H493 (ATA) optical drive.

    Can anyone tell me what the optimal, maximum capacity DVD I can use with my TSSTCorp TS-H493 (ATA Device)Drive?
  34. A

    (Ninja) Chinese GPU

    Hi ..I bought a Gpu gt 730 a while ago..at that time i didn't knew anything about gpus.so i bought it anyway from a local store ..the thing that i find weird is my gpu's manufacturer ... i googled the brand and found nothing but this site...
  35. P

    2018 Beginner's gaming rig build advice

    Good evening! I've been out of the PC building scene for quite some time (approximately 10 yrs or so). Recently my wife expressed a desire to have a decent budget gaming PC that she can play Sims 4 and a few other indie titles on. She gave me a budget of $400-$500. I know the games she plays...
  36. B

    whats the best motherboard for i5-4690k

    hi so i have a friend who just got a new desktop because his old mobo died. lol im an idiot and bought it from him for 500$. the stuff i have for it is - i5-4690k - 32 gb of ddr3 - 1000 watt 80+ titanium psu - 2 gtx 970s - 1 tb wd blue ssd - 10 tb seagate hhd - Thermaltake Core P7 i tested...
  37. tritsosbitsakos

    Read only srt file

    does anyone know if it is possible to lock a srt or txt file? i want to strip writing rights so as to make imposible for anyone to write over or change it.
  38. T

    Caused a big mess

    While removing things off my computer I was going to give to a friend.Decided I wanted to change admin name and password. I used netplwiz to do this. Restart computer, login name was still mine. Yet this time my password didn't work, tried the new password didn't work also. Upon google searches...
  39. L

    GPU not recognised but outputs a display

    So I recently finished building my pc and it was working perfectly fine. Until I booted up Skyrim and found out that my GPU - a gtx 1050ti - wasn't being recognised. The weird thing is, I had my monitor plugged into the gpu and it was outputting a display. I tweaked around with some bios...
  40. H

    Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft'

    The "Battle for Azeroth" features two new continents and the ability to play as one of the new allied races. Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft' : Read more