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  1. P

    2018 Beginner's gaming rig build advice

    Good evening! I've been out of the PC building scene for quite some time (approximately 10 yrs or so). Recently my wife expressed a desire to have a decent budget gaming PC that she can play Sims 4 and a few other indie titles on. She gave me a budget of $400-$500. I know the games she plays...
  2. B

    whats the best motherboard for i5-4690k

    hi so i have a friend who just got a new desktop because his old mobo died. lol im an idiot and bought it from him for 500$. the stuff i have for it is - i5-4690k - 32 gb of ddr3 - 1000 watt 80+ titanium psu - 2 gtx 970s - 1 tb wd blue ssd - 10 tb seagate hhd - Thermaltake Core P7 i tested...
  3. tritsosbitsakos

    Read only srt file

    does anyone know if it is possible to lock a srt or txt file? i want to strip writing rights so as to make imposible for anyone to write over or change it.
  4. T

    Caused a big mess

    While removing things off my computer I was going to give to a friend.Decided I wanted to change admin name and password. I used netplwiz to do this. Restart computer, login name was still mine. Yet this time my password didn't work, tried the new password didn't work also. Upon google searches...
  5. L

    GPU not recognised but outputs a display

    So I recently finished building my pc and it was working perfectly fine. Until I booted up Skyrim and found out that my GPU - a gtx 1050ti - wasn't being recognised. The weird thing is, I had my monitor plugged into the gpu and it was outputting a display. I tweaked around with some bios...
  6. H

    Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft'

    The "Battle for Azeroth" features two new continents and the ability to play as one of the new allied races. Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft' : Read more
  7. N

    Will cryorig's H5 Ultimate fit in Rosewill Star Predator?

    I have just purchased my case (Rosewill's Star Predator) and I am wondering if Cryorig's H5 Ultimate will fit inside the case. For some reason PCpartspicker.com doesn't give me the max CPU cooler height. Newegg does it is 170mm. The cooler's is 160mm. However people say that cooler master 212...
  8. A

    will my g2010 bottleneck my gtx 1050 2gb

    Hi, I Have an intel pentium G2010 2.8Ghz cpu. I wanted to ask that will it bottleneck my gpu msi nvidia GTX 1050 2gb? And is it possible to overclock my cpu to 3.2ghz without any damage? Appreciate your answers
  9. A

    1st pc Build

    Hey guys I am buidling a pc and have doubts about the compativility and gaming performance of my selected components. Wich are...
  10. H

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? Max 95$

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? max 95$ to fit: I7 7700k beQuiet Dark Rock 3 (160mm) 1060 3gb ARMOR OC
  11. B

    Audio only plays through 1 side of earphones

    I know there are already a lot of posts like this, and I've tried many of the solutions proposed but there's something distinct about mine that I makes me think the problems hardware related. I've had 2 pairs of earbuds in the past 2 months and the 1st pair worked fine in my laptop until one...
  12. F

    Upgraded CPU and RAM freezes my pc randomly

    Hello.I upgraded cpu : i5 4690 and ram : Hyperx Savage Red 8GB 1600mhz cl9 and it randomly freezes my pc , restarts on its own . Old build : Motherboard : h81m-vg4 CPU:i3 4130 3.4 Ghz RAM : 8gb of crucial 1600mhz HDD:1TB . GPU : palit gtx 750 ti oc storm dual x IDK what to do , i was so hyped...
  13. JJ2012

    Raid 5 or 6 for NAS

    Hi I'm hoping to build a NAS from a computer I bought second hand. I know only what I have been reading and watching on YouTube so would like some advice please. Should I set it up as a raid 5, 6 or not at all? I'm hoping to use WD red drives - not sure what size yet. Is it a bad idea to buy...
  14. G

    White screen, flex cable, back cover

    Hi everybody I replaced back cover and bezel of my Asus N56VZ To do that I have disconnected and then reconnected the flex cable to the screen. Now when I turn on the notebook the screen in completely white. The notebook works if linked to an external monitor with hdmi. I checked many time the...
  15. C

    Connecting dual gpu with adapter 4 molex (1 is white) to pci

    Hello, I am trying to hook up a second video card to my PC. I'm currently running 1 ati Radeon HD 5850. I have a second card here same exact thing, and here is the problem. My psu is a fatal1ty 700w and it has only 2 6+2 pcie pins. Each 5850 video card requires 2 6 pin pci pins. So I see I'm...
  16. L

    S340 Radiator Help

    Hello i need help if i can fit this custom water cooling kit in the NZXT S340 case https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a240g.
  17. K

    Oil Cooled PC Help

    I'm attempting to transform my current PC into a mineral oiled PC. I've read into doing it and am going to attempt to make my own solution for it. However one thing I'm currently debating is whether I'll need to get a pump and radiator immediately. I plan on having some bubbles in the system...
  18. Loyde Kessroy

    Is the chat cooler master hyper 212 evo supposed to be so loud?

    Motherboard-Z68MA-ED55 (B3) Cpu-i5 2500k Cpu cooler-cooler master 212 evo PSU-corsair RM 550x My cpu cooler fan makes a lot of noise from startup untill I turn it off. I need to know why my cpu cooler gets crazy loud upon startup while other users say theirs remains unnoticable. Furthermore...
  19. Stag1928

    [Help]: Update ASRock AB350 Pro4 Bios

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out how to update the bios on my ASRock board. The file provided http:// has a zip file that gets unzipped into another folder than contains AB35P4_2.5. I'm confused as to what needs to be on the flashdrive. Is it the Zip file, the unzipped folder...
  20. B

    Ssd initial boot windows install

    On my new build I am now in the stage of ordering storage space and I've read that ssd is the way to go my only question and that because I've read the some have problems when they instal windows that storage isn't found so should install with a hdd first and then add an ssd later or can I just...