Mar 20, 2019
Hi all,

I am wondering if this cpu will work well for 3D animation and modelling work. Also, I know people are going to tell me to ditch the platform and upgrade, but that is not in my budget right now. I would get the (K) version of the cpu, however that is more than a $100 dollars extra. Currently, I have the i5 4590 and rendering feels very slow due to the 4c/4t. I am hoping this will speed things up to an acceptable level. On a side note I also game. How will it work with that? Thanks! :)


May 16, 2017
getting K wouldnt help.. you can overclock it a bit but still it 4c/4t unless u plan on getting i7 which came with 4c/8t . so getting i5K or i7 4th gen is really not worth it i think, unless u can find an i7 at dirt cheap price.
if you not planning on getting whole new system just keep the one you got. may be pop in an SSD if you dont have it already