Apr 1, 2007
I am concerned about the PCB size of the DS3R board and the BIOS of all P35 boards for the Gigabyte and I'm comparing this to the Abit boards.

I have the impression that we still have to use floppies for our Bios updates!!! Is this true? I think the recommendation is to use Q-Flash. Is that right? Just an aside: I think it's incredible that we still have to use floppies. I have read several times of warnings and recommending to *NOT* use Windows type programs for updating the BIOS (e.g. @BIOS).

What does it mean for the hardware for the smaller PCB on the DS3R? I assume that Gigabyte cut corners with the DS3R board and I might have asked this question before. Sorry, if I did but I cannot recall the response or answer. I am now comparing the DS4 (which seems to be slightly below the DQ6 but is probably as good) and the Abit IP35 Pro. The DS3P and DS4 board has the larger PCB. How does their PCBs compare to the Abit IP35 Pro's? These boards are around the same price and I am undecided since the DS4 has only two PCI slots but has 8 SATA ports v.s. 6 on the Abit. It also has the better PCI-E-based ethernet rather than Abit's ethernet based on the PCI bus.

Can anyone assess these differences and recommend one way or the other?

Edit: I just discovered the DS4 is about $5 more than the Abit IP35 Pro (around the same $$). Not sure if that has any bearing on any recommendations or how I should assess. ;-)


well usually you can flash the bios from cd, usb thumpdrive or 3,5''floppy, depends on the update method really. Some mobos have an update utility that can be used to create a bootable cd that flashes the bios. So do some searching, I'd bet there are mobos that dont really need floppies anymore, but if u need raid-drivers when installing windows you are going to need floppy aswell :(

mobo sizes are well standarded, microATX is the smallest commonly used board size, ATX is the 'normal'size and extendedATX is the biggest..
The mATX doesnt have as many expansion slots as the normal ATX, but other than that they are pretty similar feature wise, depends on the chipset used ofcourse, but yeah no big differences between those two

Capt Proton

Oct 17, 2007

Not quite true. I have the P35-DS3R, and it is about 1" narrower than the DFI NF4 Ultra D I had in before. I have used @BIOS twice now with this board. No problems at all.


Oct 29, 2007
Hi everybody.As new owner of P35-DQ6(not power up yet) I want to ask if anybody know about new bios
which I found on softpedia site released 24-27/10/07:
On official Gigabayte site is not yet.