May 4, 2001
I have a very simple set of questions. I do not want a battle over which processor is best.
I have a Gigabyte single CPU motherboard that never got built into a system. It was made when Intel® Socket 478, 533 FSB and DDR single sided memory was the new norm. I think I saw some firmware updates to allow Hyper Threading, but I have no known use for HT as all my software is pre HT era. I run XP Pro SP1. I have everything including a few 533 FSB 256 DDR single sided sticks except the processor.

The system is not really a gamer board or anything fancy. It will be used for Broadband generic internet surfing, chat rooms, internet radio, etc. Other uses include an older version of MS Office software or Netscape for basic webpage design. The most intensive thing it will do is work with a scanner and PaperPort 7.0 software. The Video Card is ATI with the ability to turn it into a computerized TIVO if I so choose.

I was shopping on PriceWatch only to find a variety Intel P4 versions

All of these were listed as 533 FSB.

What is the difference? All I could make out was the cache appears to be double on some offerings. 512/1 Meg. My current P4 units are 512 Cache (I think). Would 1 Meg of Cache work on an older motherboard? I would think so unless there is a switch that needs setting or enabling.

I'm trying to remember the difference between Prescott and Norwood versions of the P4.

I remember 2.4 Gig P4s were marked in a similar way to mark the different FSBs.

I'm currently running P4 2.4 (533FSB) or P4 2.66 (533 FSB), so this new processor will be a slight upgrade for me.

I sometimes overclock by about 10 to 15 per cent. I have run the 2.4 at 2.7 and the 2.66 at 3.0 when the need was CPU intense such as GRID.ORG, but not much else was going on system wise.

Thank you in advance for all replies.

Every working computer must be improved .... or replaced ...

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Aside from creating a lot more heat than the P4b, the prescott may draw too much power, and at the wrong voltage, for your mobo. In other words, even if you could get the 1meg P4A chip to work, it would be very hard on the mobo.
For your needs, the P4b should be fine.
If you put a high end graphics card in there, it would still be a very nice gaming system , even.