Jul 25, 2006
The new 650i based Asus board. I see they are for sale now, but I haven't found a lot of info about them. From what I can tell, it wont be the best overclocking board (FSB max is 412.5), but it will support 1333 FBS chips when they are out, has SLI (duh) in an x8/x8 format, 2 IDE channels for those of us who want to use DVD drives on different channels or 2 DVDs and an IDE based HD at the same time, and has firewire built in.

Has anyone found a good writeup on them? How would they compare to the P5B series of boards? This would be a great Christmas present to myself at $149.99 at the egg. This board, a gig of ram, a 7900GS and a 6300 would make for a great budget build!! (I think).