Question PC crashing immediately after running graphic demanding game


Mar 9, 2019
I haven't played graphic demanding video games in the past half a year. Yesterday I decided to play csgo again but my game would crash right after I joined a server. I lowered to setting to low/medium and disabled anti aliasing and then i was able to play with frame drops every now and then but I think that's because no anti aliasing. Today I decided to test it and whenever i launched ARK my game crashes right away. I tried launching msi kombuster with gpu not being overclocked and fan speed and 92% and it crashed half a second after I started it. Yesterday after a few tries of trying to get csgo to work I got the screen that you get when you first boot a PC it said american something I don't remember i know it says the same when you boot PC for the first time and it mentioned something about a PSU error. I looked up some solutions on net and concluded it's probably the PSU's fault. Now, I can't afford both new GPU and psu so I came here to ask if there's any way to be 100% sure if it's PSU or GPUs fault.

GPU: GTX 770
PSU: Be Quiet Straight Power E9 CM 480W
CPU: Intel Xeon E2 1230 v3

Drivers up to date


Jul 1, 2017
Your symptoms point to a faulty PSU/underpowered PSU

There are many things i could suggest right now to check and verify

but in order to save yourself a LOT of troubleshooting, do the following

borrow/loan/steal a beefier PSU from somewhere, hook it up to your system and see if the problem persists, just by doing that you will have circumvented a heap of work