Question PC turns on but no peripherals or monitor display

Jan 16, 2020
I have been having a problem for a couple of days now where my pc I built a couple months ago stopped booting. I've been combing through forums for answers and so far haven't had much luck fixing for long. The computer receives the power as far as I can tell, being that the LEDs light up and the RAM lights up as well. I'll give my steps of what I tried in a timeline:
  1. 1. Turn off/on (friend's pc was having a similar issue this is usually what fixed it)
  2. 2. Replaced cmos battery
    1. Computer booted after turning on and off by itself but was not standing and the panel was off, so I turned it off to fix these.
    2. Computer returns to non-functioning state
  3. Moved around RAM and got to the UEFI, changed some settings
    1. Changed the time because it was out of date
    2. Changed a few other settings to get the CPU fan to ignore itself because I'm using an AIO but couldn't get it to go back into boot.
  4. Tested PSU with a psu tester which works fine
  5. Removed GPU and connected to integrated graphics, no change
  6. Replaced the Cmos battery and jumped the cmos with a wire I had lying around, no change
I honestly don't know what else it could be besides the motherboard or CPU. I did get a motherboard analyzer but it doesn't work with my motherboard, it uses a pci lane and I only have pcie and won't turn on. Is there something else I could use to check? I'm not sure what else could it be?

Asus Z390-E Strix MOBO
16gb G.skill DDR4 RAM
Kraken 360 AIO
Intel i7 8700k CPU
Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super
Jan 16, 2020
Forgot to mention that my cooler is impedes the RAM slot the closest to the motherboard and I don't necessarily want to be bending my RAM sticks.


Nov 6, 2011

Did you try connecting a speaker to the motherboard (assuming you don't currently have one)?
It could be useful for troubleshooting. It's included with most computer cases, but no one really cares, yet they come in handy when your motherboard doesn't have a debug code display.

If you don't have one, you can pick one up for really cheap (maybe your local computer repair shop can lend one to you for free) and plug it in the speaker slot on the mobo. This is what I'm talking about:

Then it will most likely beep a few times, and you can search for what the number & period of the beeps might indicate.

I did encounter a faulty PSU problem back in the day with the same symptoms, by the way: it did seem to have power, but the peripherals wouldn't do anything and it kept restarting every 10-20 seconds. It worked fine with my lower-powered test config at the time, but turned out to be the problem once I plugged it into the beefier setup it was meant to be in. If yours does restart periodically as well, I wouldn't rule the PSU out completely (even though it's really not likely: your PSU is more than enough for what it's powering).
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