Question PC won't display BIOS, simply restarts every 30 seconds


Jul 9, 2015
So I just upgraded my PC to an i5-9600k with a gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro and bought 16gb of ddr4 RAM since I was previously using DDR3. After taking out and disconnecting all the cables I seated the new cpu re-installed the hyper 212 cooler on top. Put the sticks of ram in alternating channels attached back of case fan to motherboard, cpu fan to botherboard, cpu power cable to input, main motherboard power input, usb 3 connector from front of case, put the power pins in however couldn't tell which side was + and which was ground so it is possible that they are reverse, but the pled +/- and hdd+/- are definitely in the correct spots. The reset also may not have been put in correct as neither side indicated which was ground. Upon booting the back of case fan doesn't start to spin but the cpu fan does. The 2070 super lights up and everything sounds like it is starting up but no graphics output to the monitor, tried removing gpu and using cpu graphics and also still nothing. The pc also continues to restart with no beep codes over and over until manually forcing it to shutdown via the power button. Any idea what could be wrong with the mb not beeping?