Aug 16, 2003
Bought a new power supply from NewEgg a few months back. Figured I needed more power. (Had a cold cathode black light on a toggle switch attached to the old 420w power supply. Every time I flicked the switch you could hear the harddrives spin down. Plus the air coming out of the back of the power supply was hot) After reading in this forum quite a bit I decided Fortron Source was the way to go. Bought a Fortron 530W P530XF. It's a heavy sucker. The outside is kind of shiny and has some very nice Molex connectors (The kind that have the little easy off thingys - before always fighting with molex connectors, now these connectors go on smooth as silk) After marveling at the outside I took off the outer housing I was pleasantly surprised - some of the biggest capacitors I've ever seen. Also, lots of heatsinks in that puppy and I do mean lots. After I put it in my comp, the power supply has worked great. The air out the back of the power supply is much cooler then the previous power supply. Maybe it was a bit over kill, but I figured better safe than sorry.

Conclusion: Fortron == good, very good

By the way, this is what the Fortron is powering (old stuff by some people's standards, but I'm mostly happy with it)
MSI K7D Master L
2x Athlon MP 1500+ (gonna get faster ones before they disapear)
512mb DDR 2100 ECC
Old TDK Burner (12x10x32)
SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1
Aerogate II Fan bus controller (attached fans: 4x 80mm Blue LED, 1x 80mm no lights)
250mb Zip Drive
(Yes I still have and use a) floppy drive
2x 40 gig harddrives (IBM and WD both 7200 rpm)
120 gig Maxtor harddrive (again 7200 rpm, attached via a PCI IDE controller card)
AGP ATI 9600 pro (gonna upgrade to a nVidia Quadro when I can)
USB 2 PCI card
PCI Ethernet card

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Even their little 350W unit is impressive!

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