Question Pny gpu 1060 6gb repair help

Oct 16, 2021
So I have a pny 1060 6gb I purchased second hand. The previous owner said it would power up just wouldn’t display. So I figured maybe I could fix it with some drivers etc. So when I received it I took it apart just to inspect before I put it in the pc. I’ve found this oily substance on the back side is the main reason I needed to inspect. When I open it up it’s almost as if something has blown. I’m just getting into repairing graphics cards so I’m still learning all the little parts that make up the card. Could anybody assist me Into telling me if they can tell if something is blown. If anybody can provide me with a picture of a working one I can compare it. I know my way around tools needed for repairing electronics also I’m familiar with the lingo also; just new to repairing gpus. I’m building my sons pc from the ground up and I got a damn good deal on this card for $50 so to me it’s worth fixing. The guy just was apparently tired of it sitting around. I will post pics below of what I’m seeing here. (How do I insert pictures on these threads?)
(How do I insert pictures on these threads?)
First, upload any image/screenshot on any IMAGE hosting website like IMGUR, or any other similar website. Once uploaded, copy/paste the uploaded image's url/link of that website here on the forums.

To insert a quick link, click on CTRL+K keyboard key combination to open a dialog Window, and under the URL field/entry box, copy/past the uploaded link. Voila !