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  1. L

    Question Is now a good time to buy Asus GTX 1060 6GB Dual OC?

    Hi everyone, I was offered a used Asus GTX 1060 6GB Dual OC for about 150 euros (about $165). The card works fine but no longer has warranty, which means it must be over 3 years old. I just wonder if it's a good deal to take at the moment? Would it be enough for the next 2-3 years? I don't...
  2. M

    Question Power supply for 1060 6gb

    Hello i want to buy new pc, ryzen 5 1600 and 1060 6gb (asus dual). Do i need to buy psu with 6, 6+2 or 2x 6+2 pin and how much is recommended power for that psu. I need budget psu, minimum what i need? Thanks in advence
  3. 2spooky

    Question Gpu upgrade recommendation

    My PC specs: gpu: 1050 ti cpu: i5 3470 memory: 8gigs PSU: sirtec 400 monitor: benq 21.5" 1080p 60hz I have a budget for these two , an rx 570 4gb or 1060 3gb , I'd really...
  4. S

    Question PC freezes for 4 seconds, shuts off, restarts, and shows no display

    So I bought a new gigabyte G1 Geforce GTX 1060 6gb graphics card, and recently problems have started occuring. First of all, when I boot my pc after it turns off, there is no display, and I have to unplug and replug my dvi cable back into the gpu for it to turn on ( ive tried other cables but to...
  5. J

    Question y530 lenovo fps spike

    i just bought a new lenovo y530 on the 1st day i play dbd ultra setting it was steady 60 fps no spike but after 1 week i play dbd ultra setting the fps suddenly spike drop to 43 and back to 57.. average 55 fps last time average 60fps need some help... this apply to other games as well like gta v...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] 1060 3gb or 6gb?

    So my friend is getting a new pc, and i suggested him a 1060, but im not sure should i get the 6 gb version, or the 3 gb version. In gaming comparisons the 3 gb gets in proportion 85 fps while the 6gb 95 So should i go with the cheaper one, Or are there some reason (compatibility wise) to...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Heaven benchmark causes screen bleaching; screen becomes brighter than usual

    So i just wanted to overclock my GPU and in order to do that, I installed Heaven benchmark as per forums. At first, it ran perfectly, but when i got the confidence to overclock, without tweaking ANY settings in MSI Afterburner, the benchmark decides to 'bleach' the screen so the colors look...
  8. M

    Best place to sell?

    I am in need of a quick(ish) buck and I have a 1060 that I'd like to sell. But as I am your average teenager I can't really sell it without my parents getting involved. They are extremely paranoid about craigslist but are willing to use it when all else fails. Point is, does anyone know where I...
  9. bernatespinet

    Question Is my integrated graphics running?

    I can notice that on idle, AB shows my clock speed is 140mhz but my 1060 6gb has a stock frequency of over 1500mhz. Does that mean that is working my integrated gpu of my i7-6700HQ?
  10. T

    Question Minecraft lag with 1060 6gb

    I bought a pc yesterday,I try apex and league of legends.The first don't lag and on league of legends I have 200 fps.I try to crack minecraft,it lag too a lot.What can i can do??
  11. Mo.R

    Question Gtx 1060 quietness

    Hi, I want to know if the Gtx 1060/ti is a quiet card.if there are could you give me the names. I'm not looking for single fan ones, due to dual and triple look better in my opinion. Thanks
  12. N

    Question Seasonic Eco 430W enough for 1060/1660ti?

    System: R5 2400g 2x4 HyperX Fury Adata nvme 256gb 1tb hdd i bought my rig during the gpu mining craze, so i didn't get to buy myself a gpu. Im planning to get one soon but i was worried about my psu since it's only 430w from what I googled, some threads say that the psu is good enough for a...
  13. B

    Can PCI-E x16 (2.0) power a Radeon RX550

    I want to upgrade my Dell Optiplex 3010 ... And i need Help
  14. T

    Looking for a new PC

    I have a price range between £600-£700, I am looking for a pre-built PC for gaming. The only three things it requires is a Intel CPU and a nvidia graphics card and it needs to be fully upgradable
  15. M

    HELP - Windows 10 doesn't start anymore after switching from IDE Mode to AHCI Mode and back in BIOS

    I have two OCZ SSDs in my system. One of them is my C system drive. I ran the OCZ SDD utility and it recommended to change in my bios to AHCI Mode. I changed it, but windows did not start. I changed it back to IDE Mode and now my computer can't find the Boot Mgr. Also, in Bios under System...