Discussion Poll: Astro A50 - VS - SteelSeries Artics Pro (Wireless)

Do you own one of these headsets?

  • I do own the Sennheiser GSP370

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  • I do own the Astro A50 Gen3 (Wired)

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  • I do own the SteelSeries Artics Pro (Wireless)

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Feb 2, 2016
So, I own a Astro A50 Gen3 for while now. And, slowly I started hating the headset. Or, it’s station...

It’s a wonderful headset, good sounding and not too heavy. However, it s basestation...

Everyday the rage to successfully plant the headset ON the station, so it can charge... Every night when i go to bed, I let it charge. But the urge... Everytime it takes me from 2+ up to 6 tries to successfully place it in the basestation.

This is a reason for me to go and get a new headset.
I’ve been recommended a Sennheiser GSP370. But I don’t like it. It’s a good headset for music, but not for gaming.

So, I’ll receive my SteelSeries Artics Pro, and I wonder what you guys think about above 3 headsets.
And, what headset do you use?

Poll question is: Do you own one headset mentioned above. Do you like it or not? Pros and cons. (If you’ve owned one in the past. This counts too)

Second Poll: If you don’t own any of above, which one do you use. And what makes you to keep it?


I have an Arctis 7. The wireless through the USB dongle is great, and it has a very long range, and even works from other rooms sometimes. I use Equalizer APO + Peace GUI set to the Bass and High Boost preset. It sounds way better than out of the box. SteelSeries Engine itself is not particularly good software, but I need it for the charge indicator led on the headset to work.

Unlike the Pro, the Arctis 7 has a micro USB port to charge in the headset itself. This means the battery is not replaceable if it wears out, on one hand, but it also means you can more easily use the headset while it is charging (but the included cable is a tad bit short). Battery life around the advertised 12 hours.

Mic quality is good for a headset as well. Chatmix is a nice feature, but having two audio devices (Arctis 7 Chat and Arctis 7 Game) causes some trouble with some apps being on the wrong audio device even though the correct device is selected in windows settings. I've also noticed a slight difference in sound quality between the two devices. This may be due to Peace GUI or it could be due to the headset.

The ski band is really comfortable compared to other headsets with fixed cushions, but it does leave more of an impression in my hair. The ear cushions are also comfortable, but they seem to be compressing over time slightly. Wearing it for really long periods of time sometimes becomes uncomfortable because of my glasses, which are plastic frame.

Overall, it's a really solid headset, but I don't really think it's worth the $160 it normally costs. I got it on sale for $120 and I often see it on sale for $100 and even $90 sometimes.