Powerline Adaptors???!!!



Hello Forum Members!

Need your assistance once again!

My router is downstairs but my computer is upstairs passed several rooms. I have a really bad wireless connection to my desktop -frequent disconnects while playing games.

I have called my service provider and they say its a interference in the neighbourhood. I believe this because the downstairs computer is hardlined in and there is no issue.

I want to be "hardlined" in but I cannot move the router (needs to stay downstairs for other general reasons)

My only option to my knowledge was to drill holes in the wall and wire it through the house. This would be costly.

I was directed to get a "powerline adaptor" -can anyone shed some light on this? Is it stable?

This is the one I’m looking at: Please recommend any other brands/models if needed or any other options!>need to be purchased at canadacomputers or tigerdirect.ca as I live in Canada. I do not want to order online as I want to option to return it personally if there is an issue.

Please HELP!

http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_1054_360&item_id=033252 (product)

http://reviews.cnet.com/bridges/western-digital-wd-livewire/4505-3304_7-34161837.html?tag=lia;rcol (review)



Hello Emerald.

I need something that I can pick up personally and not order online so I can easliy return it if I have issues.

I live in Toronto On. Canada.

Have you had personal experenice with Powerline adaptors? I know its pretty much based on per house wiring. But just a general comment.

Is it good enough for gaming?