Probably a UPS problem....or not?


Jun 20, 2009
First of all :hello: to everyone ,i m new here.

Recently i ''upgraded'' my pc.
Currently it is running on an Intel Quad 8300 core,9600GT GPU,4GBs of RAM and all these on a 420WAT UPS.
After the first 1 week it started the black screens when trying to play a game and blue screens.
I did a format,and everything seemed to be fine coz pc was running straight for one week,but then it started again the same problems.Sometimes it couldnt even start when i was trying to turn it on id did nothing.I got pissed off and got it to a technician to check it.He fixed some BIOS settings,rebuild the whole hardware,and told me if the problem continues,then it must be the UPS that cannot support the whole system.
So at the moment i write,my pc goes black screen'd when i try to start a game(included call of duty 4,lineage2 etc) and for some seconds the audio works until the message No Signal appears to my monitor.Then i have to manually reset my pc,and then the same all the way.Also sometimes i get blue screens while gaming.
So i d like to hear your suggestions,because i dont want to buy a new UPS and then i realise that it was for example the GPU problem.