Mar 5, 2010
Hello,I want to make and run and burn videos, surf when I go an vacation,and down load fast,I have an xps400 desktop with a Pentium(R) D cpu 3.00GDZ,What do I buy now in a laptop that's just as fast for the road?
I just answered another poster about why laptops run slower overall. They aren't designed to compete with desktops for speed; they have to be set at lower clock so the cpu voltage can also be set lower to save energy, and give you more time between charges. If you want speed for gaming, stick with a desktop.
Considering his CPU is based on the old netburst architecture and his ram is outdated, he'd have no problem finding an equal laptop for $600-800. AMD Turion RM-70 or core 2 duo at 2GHz should match it. Pretty much any laptop ram will be better (assuming you have the 533MHz 512mb that came with your desktop). Matching the video card might be a bit more difficult depending on which one you got with your desktop. radeon 3200 or Nvidia 8200m come close to some of the models that come with your computer.