PSU graphics cable 4pin motherboard socket 8 pin..?


Dec 4, 2012
Hi I recently built a PC and the motherboard graphics socket has 8 holes but the power for it only has 4 pins - there is another 6+2 power cable that fits the socket on the motherboard but the PC doesn't boot when that's plugged in. When I switched to using the 4 pin cable the PC boots fine but my nvidia graphics card gives a power saving warning. I think this has just happened since I upgraded the drivers but thought it might have something to do with the fact that I am only using a four pin cable in the 8 pin socket on the mother board. If anyone can give me some advice about how to either set up using all 8 pins or get rid of the nvidia power warning that would be great!

PSU: Connectivity
ATX 24 pin & 20 pin compatible x1
EPS/ATX12V 4 pin x1
4 Pin Molex Peripheral x2
Floppy x1

Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT