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Jul 19, 2005
Since I can't for the life of me figure out how to comment directly on an article, I'll just post in this forum...

I was reading the Power Supply Stress test with some interest. However, just like I've started observing in the past, There's a choice comment completely unsubstantiated in light of further data or any sort of evidence whatsoever has popped up. At the tail end of the "analysis" of the PCP&C 510W supply, there's this blurb:

"Nevertheless, the close to 150 Euro price tag is steep, in view of its meager equipment."

??? Meager equipment? It's advertised as a 510W power supply, and actually delivers 510W at full load. More importantly, it stays within the ATX spec during the entire load, unlike the Antec TruPower 550W. How is that "meager equipment"? The power supply is capable of actually meeting spec, unlike the Antec. Sure, it's noisy, but it MEETS SPEC.

In my opinion, I'd say that the only supply that has passed as of right now (June 18/19th) is the PCP&C. The Antec one failed (due to not meeting spec), and the BeQuiet well, "died".

I dunno. I'll have to see what the future holds for the other power supplies, and see if they are capable of at least supplying their advertised voltage within at the very least ATX spec...
Yeah it is a little disapointing, its unlike them to do an ongoing test like this, but not unlike them to leave out brands like Thermaltake and others.

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Nov 17, 2002
I'm hoping it is an ongoing test.

On the PC Power:

In summary, the following can be said about the Turbo Cool 510 ATX-PFC from PC Power & Cooling: Under full load the power supply unit gets very loud, but it can be taken seriously, and has quite a high degree of efficiency. Pluggable cables would be helpful for installation into smaller housing units. It should be clear to everyone that a model in the 500 watt class does not come cheap. Nevertheless, the close to 150 Euro price tag is steep, in view of its meager equipment.

The problem is the lack of pluggable cables and high noise.
And of course the high pricce

Woot for the Fortron/Sparklepower!

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