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Question PSU suggestion for a relatively old PC


Greetings, I've recently bought a new computer, and decided to give the old one to my brother and mother.
It features a Gigabyte R9 270X 3X Windforce, AMD Phenom II X6 1055t, 8GB 1600MHz RAM, ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 motherboard.

It is only missing a power supply to run it, so I was hoping to get some suggestions from you lot.
I am aware of the poor quality of the power supplies, I just need help picking the best from the worst B)
If you want to, you can have a look for yourself: site #1, site #2

I've extracted some possible candidates from the sites I can buy from:
CM Masterwatt Lite 500W
CM MWE White 500W
Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W
Thermaltake Smart SE 630W

A Riotoro Onyx 650W is also available, but that one is, for now, out of my budget (or, our budget).
The PC won't be used for anything else but writing essays, browsing the web, or play some occasional games like Minecraft, TF2.
Thanks in advance.