radeon 9200 vs radeon 9000 pro


Jul 27, 2001
Hello all.
I have come to a dilemma.
Do I trade my radeon 9000 pro with 64 MB RAM for a radeon 9200 (non pro) with 128 MB RAM?
Anyone have any suggestions on this? Which is the better card? I have done some reading and everything I read indicates a 9200 with 128 MB is the equivalent of a 9000 pro with 64 MB with the exception of 8X agp capability, which isn't anything to write home about anyway. anyone have anything else to add that would help? I'm feeling I should lean towards just keeping the 9000 pro.

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Keep the R9000Pro it performas btter, even with the 64mb of memory.Even trading to an R9100 (better performer) would not be worth the money, and in this case definitely going from a R9000PRO -> R9200 would be a step DOWN.

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