Question RAM & CPU is not working to its potential from benchmarks

May 23, 2019
So, ive had this built since late 2018, probably sept or nov 2018. Never really thought I had any issues with my computer but recently its been acting weird. One issue was that it occasionally happens is when I turn off my computer it takes its time to switch from the asrock loading screen (the rotating ring) to the windows user login screen. Then when i login, it begins to not respond to anything; programs or clicking shutoff/restart. I then would have to manually turn it off. Also, I might have to repeat it again until it magically returns back to normal. I dont think this is a major issue but one time it took me more than an hour to fix it.

Also, even though it seems like my computer is working to its potential, according to my benchmarks, i still feel a little underwhelmed. My RAM is running really low which has me thinking if it affects the CPU, as my CPU is also performing lower than expected according to the benchmark website. This could be the reason why it affects my frames towards specific games such as CSGO. I'm getting 200-220 fps (average) but sometimes it drops close to 150 and only maxes to 250, barely. I'm playing on low settings as well. So, what should I do about my RAM issue and CPU issue?

What should I do about some of these issues?

UserBenchmarks: Game 112%, Desk 107%, Work 97%

CPU|Intel Core i7-8700K|101%
GPU|Nvidia GTX 1080|125%
SSD|Adata Ultimate SU800 256GB|127.9%
HDD|WD Blue 1TB (2012)|102.9%
USB|SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB|16.8%
RAM|Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB|67.2%
MBD|Asus PRIME Z370-A|


Please, don't use Userbench site to tell you what's good or bad about your system. You forgot to include your PSU in that specs list. Speaking of Userbench and PSU's, why don't they include your PSU in the mix to tell you if you've got a bad unit or a stellar unit?

What resolution are you playing at? You should look at uninstalling your GPU drivers with DDU and reinstalling the latest drivers from Nvidia's support site.
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