Feb 12, 2008
My rig: Intel i7 920
6.00 GB Ram
Windows 7 64bit
2 5770's in crossfire.
800w psu

My computer has run fine for about 6weeks. Now I get random blackscreens while playing just about any game, after an hour or 2 and have to restart. This is my last resort. Ive tried to update video drivers, uninstall and reinstall video drivers. Taken my cards out of crossfire, removing 1 card, and running them both independently. I thought maybe it was a temperature issue but my mobo ,cpu, gfx cards are all at normal temps. I was thinking it could possibly be my harddrive that I use for apps/windows. The drive is a first generation sata drive, I dont know the exact age. I have no strange noises, and everything seems to load fine. What makes me believe its my harddrive is that it will only lockup in games that run on that drive. Videos/music that run on other drives continue to run for about a min before it completely locks up.

Any suggestions would be great, Im out of ideas.