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Question Really strange freezing/lag issue.

Jul 7, 2020
I will give as much detail as possible. So i'll be doing anything on my pc, not related to playing games or doing a specific thing, and suddenly it will start freezing up like crazy. It will look at though everything is happening at 3fps, audio is also glitchy at this time therefore i dont think it is graphics related could be wrong though.

Also, all my temperatures are fine, even if everything is at 10% usage it still will lag. It fixes when I power off my pc and turn it back on, however it will then randomly do it again at anytime.

I will add that sometimes it will not only lag but completely freeze. Also once it then lead to a black screen with a "_" key in the type left as if im in some type of cmd (couldnt type during this). What part of this pc could cause this? The only clue I have is related to the operating system which I say because when I searched up the black screen issue thats all it pointed to. Thanks


Apr 1, 2014
Are you running, Ryzen 3000 with Turing, if yes, look at the below thread

Check your event viewer to see if you have nvlddmkm crash at the time.

Please note, for almost all of us it only happens when the pc is relatively chlling, never under load, guessing its the same for you.