Question Remove linux partition through Windows 11 Disk Management ?


Mar 21, 2013
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I resized my primary Windows 11 partition and created a small one to test a Linux distro but now I would like to remove it and if possible merge it back with the primary Windows 11 partition.

390GB (windows 11)
84.35GB (Linux)

But I am not sure about the other smaller partitions, which one is for windows and which is for linux and is it safe to just delete them?

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Windows will not recognize a linux partition cause it used ext4 partition. It will be marked unknown if I call. There are partitions for windows 10, 11 that is nest to leave alone.

Click Start, right click Computer
Click Manage
Expand Disk Management

Select the partition where Linux is currently installed, right click it then click Delete if there is a swap partition, right click then click Delete.

The volume will now appear as Unallocated. Our next step is to merge back that unallocated free space with the system partition. Right click the System volume and click the ‘Extend Volume’ option on the contextual menu, click ‘Yes’ when the warning appears.

A wizard will now begin that will guide through the steps to merge back the unallocated space with your system partition.

I suggest in the future adding another hdd to the system if a desktop tower. This way you can format the second drive much easier. The boot loader grub will most likely need to be removed on the primary drive though.

Keep in mind that your volume number maybe not be the same as the guide above.
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