Question Replacement Keyboard glitching (messed up Scancodes)

Jan 18, 2021
I have encountered this issue.
I ordered a replacement keyboard off Ebay for Clevo P150EM (OriginPC) as the previous one was starting to have keys not register properly or just not work in general. I believe the issue was humidity or just the age of it.

Now that the replacement has arrived and set up, the keys are completely messed up e.g. Backspace = ] ; M = Enter ; D = C ; 1 = / etc. Even function keys and symbols are out of place as well as Num lock and Caps Lock and I believe some keys aren't even available and some are repeating.
This issue persists also outside of Windows, in BIOS and boot this issue is still there.
I have managed to remap most of the keys, but I've noticed that the scancodes for multiple keys are the same, so some keys can't really be changed, as they will repeat the symbol on any key that has the same value. Keys A, 1 and TAB all have a value of 20 which is the code for T. And some keys don't even have a scancode.

So the question at hand is, is the keyboard just defective or there is some voodoo deal happening on my laptop? If they sent me one that looks the same, but is for an older revision as the windows key on this keyboard is for Windows 7 opposed to Windows 8/10 on the original, would that cause an issue like that?
And of course is there a fix for this that would help me in this situation? Like resetting/remapping the default values of keypress or something of those sorts?

Here's what I have tried - Remapping, Using External keyboard to see if the problem is still there(not), using clean boot to see if an app is causing this(not), Using a fresh Windows 10 install.
I also have speculations that the new Windows 10 update could be causing this, as some apps have been misbehaving, giving me 0xc00007b error that can't be fixed, some hardware is not recognized anymore, like fingerprint scanner and SD card reader, so I have a good ground to put a possible blame on that, but since the problems stays even in BIOS, I really don't know anymore.

Laptop Specifications just in case :

CPU: Intel core I7 3740QM
GPU: Nvidia GTX 675MX
HDD: 1TB WD blue + 256 Arctic SSD for boot