Run 133 FSB CPU in 100 FSB mobo?


Dec 31, 2007
I'm thinking of upgrading my father's computer for christmas by buying him a new processor. He's currently using a SuperMicro P6SBA mobo, which will support up to a PIII 1 GHZ @ 100 MHZ FSB. Here's the link in case you're curious

The 133 FSB processors are consistently cheaper than the 100 MHZ FSB versions. Can I put a 133 FSB version in there and just run it at 100 MHZ, or will that cause problems? Thanks for any advice or info.


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If you listed his system specs we might be able to help decide if the CPU is the best choice for an upgrade.

I see the HDDs on this mobo would run at ATA33, which is considered slow these days. Granted this would mean a mobo upgrade which is probably a complicated and expensive deal if you have to get all the new components to go with it.

Ususally RAM is a good idea, or a half decent graphics card.

I don't know how well versed you are with this stuff, so don't fly off the handle if you've worked everything out already. I just wonder if a GHz CPU might be wasted on a system which may not take advantage of its capabilities.

Either way, it should work but if you look at the asterix on your own link it refers to the CPUs supported as SECC2


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i recently upgraded a couple of pcs with 440bx motherboards to PIII 800's. I would recommend that you get a slocket II and a fcpga PIII 800 with a fsb of 100 mhz. keep in mind that you motherboard is a slot 1 only. you will need a slot 1 chip or an adapter. go with the adapter cause it'll adjust the voltage and FSB properly and the fcpga PIII's are cheaper and MUCH easier to find.

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