Question Ryzen 5 3600x or Ryzen 7 3700x for Gaming and Multitasking

Jun 25, 2020
Hi everyone,

I am planning to build a gaming and daily usage PC. However, I couldnt decide on whether I should buy 3600x or 3700x. As far as I see, there is not much difference between them for gaming but I am not sure about difference between multitasking. In my daily usage, I generally open many applications, windows together. Office applications, matlab, photoshop, obs, too many chrome tabs, music apps and some other applications together. Does 3700x have better performance for multitasking and also gaming? For future games, is it worth to buy 3700x? I would be happy if someone can help.

Planned setup is like following:

CPU: 3600x or 3700x
GPU: Gigabyte 5700xt Gaming OC
Motherboard: Gigabyte x570
RAM: 2x8 GB



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Yes, if you do that much multitasking OR if you tend to also record, stream, encode, etc. while gaming, then the 3700x is probably the better choice, but either of them will do the job. Considering the sheer AMOUNT of multitasking it seems you do, the 3700x is probably a wiser choice.


Jun 19, 2020
Go with 3700x new gen consoles will have 8 cores 16 threads so games will be more demanding in the future.Even if 8 cores is overkill atm for most games ur system will be more futureproof and in the meantime u will benefit from the 8C/16T in the multitasking.


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Consoles have nothing at all to do with this conversation. Games are ALWAYS more demanding in the future. Always. Games don't EVER get LESS demanding as time goes on. If they did, there wouldn't be any need for upgrade cycles, and old hardware would be in high demand. LOL.
Jun 30, 2020
Sometimes I really feel I should shift to PS or XBOX for my gaming as at least they tend to support games for more than 5yrs without worry of "Can i run it?" and upgrade.
My friend purchased PS4 about the same time I got my rig, he is still playing games happily and me trying to upgrade from 7600k to ryzen. Had to go through motherboard and processor RMA also.


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Consoles don't support games any longer than PCs do, because they ARE PCs, just proprietary ones. It's a custom case, with custom hardware, but it is STILL just a computer and as such it is just as prone to becoming irrelevant and outdated as any PC. The main difference is, people don't EXPECT a console to be powerful as a custom built PC so they accept less from it for a longer period of time. I guarantee that your "friend" can't game on the same titles (Assuming equally capable versions for both console and PC title, good port, whatever) at the same FPS and resolution as they can on a custom built PC made expressly for the purpose of gaming. The PC will be more expensive and at some point it will probably not be that capable for newer titles, but the same can be said for the console AND PCs don't have the issue of "the title wasn't made for THIS version of the console, so buy a new console if you want to play the game".

If it was made for the PC, you will still be able to play it, whether it was created two years ago or two years from now, and has a PC version available. Obviously, titles made for very old versions of Windows are not going to apply, and that's mostly a Windows thing, not specifically a "PC" thing, but you get the gist of the point.