Oct 11, 2012
i am going to buy new GPU next month.

i have chosen to go with SAPPHIRE HD 7950.i have already updated my other components and i have NZXT LEXA S case.

now by looking at card dimensions i am little bit worried if it will fit in my lexa s?

between gtx 660ti and HD 7950 i have chosen amd but now this is really a serious problem guys.....anyone have any idea if it going to fit in it ?? i am ok with tight fit...

also can i remove couple of drive bays in lexa s?or i have to look out for another gpu? :cry:

Based on the manufactures page he can fit up to 10.5 inch cards. I'm looking to see what the dimensions of a 7950 are. Yea your case does not quite support a 7950 from sapphire 11.42" x 4.92" x 1.38" However it is a different story with the 660Ti's after taking a look at the dimensions of a MSI PE 660Ti its 10.43" x 4.45" x 1.5" which leaves you a little room but not much :)