Screen goes blank?- Rad 9800pro


Nov 7, 2003
I'd like to thank all to those who reply to's really good to get feedback from people who are knowlegeable out there!

Anyway, my Radeon appears to be running fine, except that it does crash after a bit (usually after a couple of hours). When I was running Catalyst 3.9, and run demos, I would usually come back to my computer with a message saying that "ati demo lost focus" and that the video card stopped responding to graphics commands (VPU recover). When I would be playing Simpsons Hit & Run, the game would run fine, (an hour or two), then the screen would go blank and the green light on my monitor turns from green to amber (like when the computer is off). Only recovery would be to restart the computer at that point.

I switched to the 3.7 Cat drivers and I am assuming that there is no VPU recover because when I ran a demo to "test" my system, the thing ran about 4-6 hours, however I came to my computer after awhile to that familiar blank screen and amber light on my monitor. Simpsons Hit & Run also would go blank after a couple of hours of play.

My CPU has one fan mounted on it, there is one fan on the "slider panel" of the computer case, and the 2 stock fans on the Antic 430W power supply. I'm thinking that it still could be a Heat problem? One thing of note too, my slider panel fan is kinda blocked, since my computer is against the wall (I Know, maybe not to smart) and thats only because that's where the power strip is and my power supply won't reach it otherwise. I'll try running it with more space between the wall and the computer, however, in the meantime, I want to know everybody's thoughts if it sounds like a heat problem.

Do gfx cars shut to "off" mode (where they can only recover through restarting the computer) when they overheat?

Thanks again..

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"lost focus" usually means another program has taken windows priority. Could be some wacky adware crap that's running in your memory maybe? It's a long shot, but I'd run adaware and spybot first off to remove any unwanted programs.

Other than that, it might be a heating problem. Best way to find out is to remove the side panel off your case and direct a fan at it, & see if it still crashes...

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