Question Screen resolution randomly changing in some games


Jul 21, 2014
Hello, i dunno what caused this, if it was some windows 10 last update or the lastest nvidia driver, but, the resolutions are geting randomly weird. When im playing dark souls 2 schoolar of the first sin, the game sometimes open in just HD(1280x720), i have to press alt enter to get it full screen. Then sometimes it changes to 4k. My pc resolution is in full hd by deafult
. When i try to stream dark souls 2 to twitch using obs, and i run the game on capture the game windows mode, the screen get very very tiny. I have to use the capture anything fullscreen option. If i get of the game using alt+tab, the screen get very tiny on obs.
also, if im playing dark souls 2, and press windows+key +L to lock my user, sometimes the screen is with a weird zoom on my username photo.
anyone else is having those weird resolutions problems lately?

sorry for my bad english