Screwed up boot after freeze, 4890 OC related? Help?


Apr 23, 2009
Hi all. I have a problem with my system (2x 4890, phenom 2 955@ 3.4, ocz reaper 1600)

I have been trying to overclock my video cards a bit, and every time i go even a couple mhz above defaults, it crashes in game. The cards pass all benchmarks and stability tests including 3dmark vantage, but when i go to play a game, the game stutters and freezes. So i have to force restart the computer. The main problem however is that every time i force restart after a freeze, every time i try to boot, the system gets past the vista orb at startup but than gets stuck with 'please wait' for hours. Also, when this happens, and only when this happens, there is no sound at the vista orb. All i have to do to get it to boot again is boot in safe mode, even just to the log on screen, and restart normally. Than it works fine. I thought it might have been my audio drivers, as it freezes only in a game with sound and there is no audio at the vista orb when this happens. However i reinstalled it and it happened again when i tried to OC my vid cards. crashed, and never booted. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks alot


Feb 16, 2009
it could be your drivers they might be corrupted or maybe your power supply isnt powering enough as soon as you overclock the system becomes unstable...please list your psu...