Question Secondary drive (HDD) at 100% usage

Nov 11, 2022
I got this problem. My secondary drive (hdd, WD10EZEX 7200rpm, not os-drive) reaches 100% usage ONLY after 3/4 hours of gaming, and then when this happens, after 20/30 it has some spikes (sometimes it takes 100% usage and sometimes 0-5%). When this happens, programs won't neither open nor close, file explorer has many visual glitches, everything's much slower and a pc reboot takes too long (I actually haven't let it finish a reboot in a while, once i waited for 20 minutes and the pc still didn't reboot). I did a benchmark on HD Tune Pro 5.75 and on CrystalDiskMark, these are the results (


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Disk drive(s): make, model, capacity how full?

Use Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Process Explorer to observe system performance.

[Note: Process Explorer, Microsoft, free.]

Use all three tools but only one tool at a time.

The objective being to discover what app or process is demanding (reading/writing) use of the WD drive. Or something else that may be happening.

Could also be some buggy or corrupted files.

Run "sfc /scannow" and "dism" - either one or both may fix something.


How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central

No need to rush through it all.

Very likely that you will be able to spot some culprit. Maybe some app or utility being launched at start up or later via Task Scheduler.