Sharing a folder with everyone

Shadow Wizard

Nov 26, 2009
I am trying to create a shared folder accessible to anyone on the network.
The folowing are my settings under advanced sharing settings.
Turn OFF network discovery
Turn ON file and print sharing
Turn ON sharing so anyone with network access can read/write files in the public folder
USE 128 Bit encryption
Turn ON password protected sharing.

The settings are as follows for the folder.
Under the security tab, User EVERYONE, full control. There are no deny settings anywhere.

Under The sharing Tab-Advanced Sharing- Share this folder is checked. After clicking Permissions, the only uder in here is EVERYONE with full control.

When someone else on another computer clicks on my computers name, it asks for a username/password. I do not wish to give out the username/password of any user on this computer. I created another user on the computer that has the shared folder. When that username and password is entered on another computer, the computer does not accept it, and requests the username and password.

WITHOUT totally reconfiging the network settings on the computer to share the folder, how do I create a folder that will permit everyone to read/write from?

If reconfiguring of the network settings are required, what settings do I need to change to ensure high security, and will permit anyone on the network to access this folder?