Jun 26, 2006
Hi Guys,

I have a new laptop with Windows 7 Pro installed. I have connected it to my LAN at my office. I have a normal wireless router at work and all the systems are connected to it thru wifi/cable.

After connecting to network, I can see and access all the computers in lan most of them running windows xp. I want to share one folder so that they can access it. I have done the following :

-My workgroup name & other systems is same
-password protection sharing if off
-I shared one folder in D:, they can see it but they cant access it. Access denied msg comes.
-I can see and access their drives. (pcs running XP)
-When I try to access a pc running Win 7 I get login dialog and I am stuck there.

What do I do to share my folder so that ppl on network can access it ? How can I access a pc running Win 7.

Help will be appreciated.