SiS 7018 Wave


Feb 13, 2004
I use a cable modem, and my friend uses a dialup modem.
I found this program called Skype, which is basically a voice chat program.

I chatted with my other friend in australia, it works great. Supposedly, though, it works on dialup, just at a lower quality.

When I call my friend in florida, she can hear me fine, but on my end, its terrible. I can barely make out words, and it sounds like someone is rubbing their finger across her mic. It also sounds a little bit like she's underwater.

The reason I don't think it is connection speed is:
1) She can hear me fine
2) on the skype forums, multiple people said that dialup worked fine
3) there doesn't seem to be periods where there is no input, i.e. i'm getting constant sound, but its terrible quality.

My question is this: disregarding net speed, is it possible its her sound card (windows calls it 'SiS 7018 Wave' as the device) or her mic?


Former Staff
Upload speed is lower than download speed, it's possible her connection is good enough to hear you but too slow for you to hear her.

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