Slow internet speed after stopping the data download


Mar 4, 2010
Hi Guys,
I am experiencing strange problem about slowing down the internet speed after downloading is stopped in between. I then have reboot the desktop to regain the speed.

My networking as below:

DSL Modem
Dlink DIR-655 Router
Desktop A (Wired Network)
Desktop B (Wired Network)
Laptop (Wireless Network)

If I am downloading a file (1gb) on Desktop A and for some reason I have to stop it, then internet connection is desktop A , desktop B and laptop is almost killed. To get the speed back, I need to reboot Desktop A. All computers are on Windows 7.

If completely download the file, the internet speed is good on all the computers.

Before downloading the speed is:

After stopping the download the speed is :

I will really appreciate if somebody can suggest any solution. This problem is driving me nuts.
Thanks a lot.