Jul 6, 2015
I currently have a set of studio monitors and a pair of headphones hooked up to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) audio interface.
(PC > Interface > speakers+headphones)

The issue here is, sound comes out of both the headphones and speakers simultaneously.
I have to unplug the speakers' RCA cables from the back of the interface every time I want to record to only have sound come through the headphones.
The problem worsens as I want to add a Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Reciever to the speakers
(preferably to the interface(possible?) so I could hear BT sound through the headphones too, it would be a plus but not important. That's a different issue though.)

Mainly, I just want some piece of hardware connected to my audio interface that will allow me to switch between headphones/speakers/both with a push of a button.

I've read many posts on similar issues and most just suggest either purchasing a more expensive audio interface with this capability built in,
purchasing a Monitor Controller, or an AV Switcher.

But I'm confused about the connections, as my headphones plug into the interface itself via headphone jack and the interface only has 1 RCA connection on the back.
Also, I don't want to have to use an alternative where I'm not getting the benefits of the audio interface through 1 output, as that would make the interface pointless.

If anyone can help clear up some of this or give me some info/advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

I want to be able to switch between headphones and studio monitors on an audio interface that doesn't have the capability of switching itself.
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